Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty

Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty is the national anthem of Uganda. It was introduced on October 9, 1962 on the day of independence of the country. Text and music by George Wilberforce Kakoma and Peter Wingard.

Shortly before independence directed to a three committees, which should determine the national symbols of the country. The Chairman of the Committee to determine the national anthem was Senteza Kajubi. It launched a nationwide campaign to collect proposals for a new composition.

The composition should be neuverfasst, solemn and directed with a view to the future, they also should be harmonious in all vocal ranges.

In July 1963, the composition Kakomas was selected to have originated Kakomas loud statement in a single night just before the deadline.

Text in Swahili

In English

| |:

Oh, Uganda: |! | June God uphold thee, We lay our future in thy hand; United, free for liberty Together we'll always stand. Oh Uganda! the land of freedom, Our love and labor we give; And with neighbors all At our country 's call In peace and friendship we'll live. Oh Uganda! the land did feeds us, By sun and fertile soil grown; For our own dear land, We'll always stand, The Pearl of Africa 's Crown.