Ohio Senate

The Senate of Ohio (Ohio State Senate ) is the upper house of the Ohio General Assembly, the legislature of the U.S. state of Ohio.

The chamber of parliament is composed of 33 Senators representing an electoral district respectively. Each of these units includes a fixed average rate of 330,000 citizens. Further, a Senate district is composed of three of the 99 districts in the House of Representatives. The senators are elected for four -year terms. In addition, these terms are staggered so that always half of the senators are elected every two years. There is a restriction of the terms of office to two consecutive terms (eight years ). Should make for an appointment to complete the unexpired term of another senator, this will not be counted.

The meeting room of the Senate is located together with the House of Representatives in the Ohio State House in the capital, Columbus.

Tasks of the Senate

The Senate of Ohio fall As in upper houses in other states and territories, as well as in the U.S. Senate compared to the House of Representatives special tasks that go beyond the law. So it is up to the Senate, nominations of the Governor in his cabinet to accept or reject other offices of the executive branch and commissions and authorities.

Composition of the Board

Important members of the Senate