Ohmbach is a municipality in the district of Kusel, in Rhineland -Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Schoenberg Kübelberg.

  • 4.1 watchtower
  • 4.2 Clubs and Associations
  • 5.1 Protestant Christ Church
  • 5.2 Catholic Church of Our Lady


Ohmbach located in Ohmbachtal in the Western Palatinate. The highest point is 387 meters above sea level with mountain servant. NN. Adjacent to the north is Herschweiler- Pettersheim, in the east Steinbach am Glan, to the south and west bridges old churches.


Ohmbach evolved from the originally independent villages upper and Niederohmbach (formerly Weitersbach ). Ohmbach was first mentioned in records in 977 as Ovenbach. 1410 came to Ovinbach Palatinate -Zweibrücken, while Weitersbach was from 1437 part of the Palatinate. The separate history of the two places held up to the French Revolution was. Around 1600, the place names of Weitersbach converted to Ohmbach. 1793 captured the French revolutionary army the land. In the newly formed department of Thunder Mountain, the two places were first together to commune d' Ohmbach. From 1816 Ohmbach was Bavarian. 1840, divided the community into upper and Niederohmbach until it was merged back in 1937. After the Second World War, it was part of Rhineland- Palatinate then newly founded.


Parish council

The local council in Ohmbach consists of twelve council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 a proportional representation, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

Allocation of seats in the elected municipal council:

Coat of arms

Split of black and gold, right rotbewehrter and bezungter golden lion, left a growing left curved red Abtstab, considered below by a blue wave beams. Ohmbach belonged with his two hamlets in the Old Kingdom to the Palatinate, which is expressed through the left half of the shield and the shield colors. The church formerly belonged to the monastery Disibodenberg what the crook is. The wave bar indicates the corresponding Ohmbach the place name. This coat of arms approved the district government Rheinhessen-Pfalz in 1971.

Culture and sights


The Ohmbacher watchtower was built somewhat below the 375 m high lookout mountain Wartenstein in 2005 and serves as an observation point. The tower is part of the " Walk in history book " leads with 3 circular walks and many places of interest by the community association Schoenberg Kübelberg.

Clubs and Associations

  • Leisure Club
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighters and Patrons
  • Young Firefighters
  • Catholic Women's Community
  • Kindergarten Booster Club
  • Country Women's Association
  • Fruit Garden Nature and Cultural Association
  • Retiree club
  • Reservist
  • Sports club
  • Sports Club Patrons
  • Chess Club
  • Turnverein


The since medieval time across Ohmbach along the Weitersbach (also called Betz Bach ) extending national border between the Electorate of the Palatinate and the Duchy of Zweibrücken, was not only the political but also the ecclesiastical development of the two districts separately. Oberohmbach was predominantly Protestant, Catholic Niederohmbach. 2012, there were about 40 % of the population Catholic and 43% Protestant. The other belonged to a different religion or no religious affiliation were.

Christ Evangelical Church

The Evangelical church is the oldest building Ohmbachs from the 9th century. From 1779 to 1785 the Romanesque church was replaced due to dilapidation by a Baroque hall church. The medieval tower was obtained in the basic principles. The church is probably the oldest organ in silent district of Kusel.

Catholic Church of Our Lady

The Catholic church was built in 1969 /70 and on October 18, 1970, inaugurated the day of Ohmbacher Kerwe. The church stands as it were as a counterpoint to the old Protestant church above the Ohmbachtalaue.

Economy and infrastructure

By Ohmbach leads the provincial road 350, the Konken with bridges connecting. Southeast runs the A 6, A 62 northeast the In Glan- Münchweiler is a station of the railway line Landstuhl - Kusel. Bus routes of the Saar -Pfalz- Bus GmbH Ohmbach connects to the stations Homburg and Kusel.