The Oisans is a region in the French High Alps, where the mountains for the last time exceeds the four thousand meter mark, before continuing south merges into the gentler Maritime Alps and then flattens out towards the Mediterranean.


The Oisans includes the valley of the Romanche ( la Vallee de la Romanche ) and its tributaries

  • Vénéon ( la Vallée du Vénéon )
  • Sarenne ( la Vallée de la Sarenne )
  • Ferrand ( la Vallée du Ferrand )
  • L' Eau d' Olle ( la Vallée de l' Eau d' Olle ) and
  • Lignarre ( la Vallée de la Lignarre )

With the limiting them mountains. These include parts of the massifs of Belle Donne, Taillefer, Ecrin and Grandes Rousses. The Oisans falls almost exactly with the French cantons of La Grave ( Hautes- Alpes) and Bourg d'Oisans (Isère) together. Here are so famous ski resorts such as Alpe d' Huez, in many cases end point of the queen stage of the Tour de France, La Grave and Les Deux Alpes. Main town is Le Bourg d'Oisans in the valley of the Romanche (on the east-west link road Grenoble - Briançon - Turin). Mecca for climbers is in the high valley of La Bérarde Vénéon.


The height differences in the Oisans are enormous. Le Bourg d'Oisans lies 720 meters above sea level, the Barre des Ecrins, Southern four peaks of the Alps, culminating at 4,102 meters.

Center of the Oisans is launched in 1973 Ecrin National Park, which includes the heart of the Haut Dauphiné. This area is often referred to as the most rugged mountains in the Alps. The principal summits of the major mountain ranges in the Ecrins massif are listed under the heading Dauphiné Alps.

Stunning views of the heavily glaciated high peaks of the Ecrins Barre Meije and offer from the Col du Galibier and the Col du Lautaret, if you arrive from the north from the Maurienne.

List of places and resorts

  • L' Alpe d' Huez, 1,860 m
  • Les Deux Alpes, 1,650 m
  • Villar d' Arene, 1,650 m
  • Villard Reymond, 1,630 m
  • Auris en Oisans, 1,600 m
  • La Grave - La Meije, 1,525 m
  • Villard Notre Dame, 1,520 m
  • Villard Reculas, 1,500 m
  • Besse en Oisans, 1,500 m
  • Saint -Christophe -en- Oisans, 1,420 m, and La Bérarde, 1,740 m
  • Oulles, 1,400 m
  • Clavant en Haut Oisans, 1,400 m
  • Oz en Oisans, 1,350 m
  • Ornon, 1,300 m
  • Mont de Lans, 1,270 m -
  • Vaujany, 1,250 m
  • Mizoen, 1,180 m
  • La Garde en Oisans, 1,000 m, and Maronne, 1,450 m
  • Venosc, 900 m
  • Le Freney d' Oisans, 900 m
  • Allemont, 720 m
  • Le Bourg d'Oisans, at 720 m
  • Livet -et- Gavet, 500 m