Oisc of Kent

Oeric (also Œric, Eoric, OISC, eyelet, Aesc or AESC, † 512 ), is considered an early king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Kent. After his nickname OISC the Kentish royal family Oiscingas was called.

Life and Legend

Whether it is a historical person or a fictional character in the legend Oeric, is, like its predecessors, Hengest and Horsa, not sure. At least his actions are classified as rather mythical. Contemporary sources are absent and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the most important source to him, comes from far later period.

Oeric was a son of Hengest and father of Ohta. Oeric accompanied his father Hengest and Horsa his uncle were brought as these around the year 449 of Vortigern as mercenaries to Britain to fight with their husbands against their enemies, the Picts. He went up to this time not even further in appearance. As wages they received land at Ypwinesfleot in the southeast of the country, the later kingdom of Kent.

Later, the brothers threw Vortigern and it came to a battle of 455 Agælesþrep ( Aylesford ) in the Horsa fell. Then made ​​Hengest and Oeric kings of Kent. 457 won the two kings in the bloody battle of Crecganford ( Crayford, E. of London) on the British, who fled from Kent to London. In Wippedesfleote Hengest and Oeric 465 were back against the Walas ( Welsch, Celts ) victorious and another time in the year 473 when she " immense booty " obtained. Hengest died probably in 488 and ruled Oeric " Winter 24 " as sole king. William of Malmesbury, a historian of the 12th century, Oeric described as defensive king who did not try to enlarge his kingdom, but to protect. When his successor shall be Ohta son.