Oja (river)

Bridge over the Río Oja at Santo Domingo de la Calzada

The Rio Oja is an approximately 65 km long tributary of the Río Tirón. It originates from two spring-fed streams in the Sierra de la Demanda in the Iberian mountains. Then it flows in a northeasterly direction, the Spanish region of La Rioja and opens about one kilometer northeast of Cihuri in the Río Tirón.

The river was probably its name to the landscape of the Rioja.


  • Río Ciloria

Places on the river

  • Ezcaray
  • Ojacastro
  • Santo Domingo de la Calzada
  • Villalobar de Rioja
  • Castañares de Rioja
  • Casalarreina


In antiquity, the Rio Oja or Río Tirón possibly formed a kind of boundary between the territories of Celtic settlement Autrigonen and Beronen. In the Middle Ages the area between Castile and Navarre was controversial. In the time of the French occupation and the Peninsular War, the places along the river experienced a marked by fighting and famine hard time.


There are few significant cultural sights along the river course: The small town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada is a major pilgrimage site on the Camino and the place Ezcaray has not an uninteresting church from 15-16. Century and two buildings of a textile factory from the 18th century. The headwaters of the Río Tirón is well suited for fishing and hiking.