Öjendorfer See

The Öjendorfer Lake is located in the east of Hamburg in Öjendorfer Park. He is designated as recreational waters with two swimming areas ( north and south).


Originally the site of the lake has been used for agriculture. From 1925 to 1929, but was excavated on 10-12 meters depth to aufzuhöhen Horner march with the reclaimed sand and gravel. The pit was used after the end of World War II to deposit the debris of the destroyed neighborhoods in the east of Hamburg. The pit was partially filled with it again. The transport of the debris was carried out by a debris path that was brought from the districts of Hamm and Horn. 1954 originated in the north of the lake a puncture digging for Schleemer Bach. The pit was filled with water and has since then served as a retention basin for the stream. A sewer in the south drained the lake to Schleemer Bach. 1959 began the transformation of the area into the Öjendorfer Park.


In the north of the lake is a bird sanctuary, which also serves as a wintering area for bitterns. In the lake can be the species of fish eel, bitterling, perch, pike, crucian carp, carp, burbot, asp, rudd, tench and bleak place. Fishing in the lake Öjendorfer is prohibited throughout the year.


The lake has two small sandy beaches on the beaches. Here the shore is flat and thus well suited for swimming walking. In the southern part there is a separate area for non -swimmers. In the northern bird protection zone swimming is not permitted. There are large slabs. Barbecue facilities and two playgrounds for children are available. There are two kiosks, each with toilet facilities nearby. Parking is free of charge at several places. 2011 bathing season has already ended in early August due to increased concentration of blue-green algae.