Ojinaga on the map of Chihuahua

Ojinaga is a city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It has 22 744 inhabitants (as of 2010) and is located opposite the Texan city Presidio along a tributary of the Río Conchos to the Rio Grande.


The city was founded on June 2, 1715 is named after General Manuel Ojinaga Juarista ( 1833-1865 ) and was originally named San Francisco de la Junta de los Ríos. Enter for the first time, however, was the area of the present town already Álvar Núñez Cabeza de 1535 by Vaca († 1557 ).

During the Mexican Revolution, the city and its environs formed the end of 1913 the last bastion in Chihuahua, which was still controlled by the federales, the federal troops of the Mexican dictator, General Victoriano Huerta ( 1850-1916 ), and she and his regime supporting old porfiristischen elites. In January 1914, the federales and their entourage of the revolutionary army of Pancho Villa ( 1878-1923 ) were defeated in the battle to Ojinaga and driven across the U.S. border. The state of Chihuahua was so completely under the control of the revolutionaries.

Contested remained Ojinaga even after Villas revolutionary army had been turned off in the battles of 1915 as a national power factor and he had fallen back on the status of a guerrilla leader. Twice, in May and in November 1917, Villa took the town, and compelled the garrison of the Mexican federal army to flee to the United States.