Ok (glacier)

Seen shield volcano Ok on Reykholtsdalur (right background)

The Ok ( Isl ok = yoke ) is a shield volcano in Iceland. It is located in the municipality of Borgarbyggð. Its height is 1198 m.

Location and description

The extinct volcano lies between the Reykholtsdalur which he surmounted by about 800 m, and the Kaldidalur highland road west of the island.

Opposite, on the eastern side of Kaldidalur, there are the glaciers Þórisjökull and the second largest Icelandic Langjökull.


The Ok is a shield volcano, which consists mainly of Olivinbasalt and is about 130000-110000 years old, ie he was in one of the warm periods of the Ice Age. The mountain is one of the largest of its kind, however, was in contrast also eroded about to Skjaldbreiður from the glaciers of the Ice Age, which for example Here, jagged cliffs, at its west side.

A large main crater adorns the top of the shield volcano.

Glacial moraines in the area are evidence of colder periods. The small glaciers on its summit, however, is now almost disappeared and been replaced partly by firn, and partly by a small lake in the main crater.

Hiking on the Ok

Mostly you climb up to the highest point of Kaldidalur slopes from the large cairns Beinakerling.