OK Go is an American rock band from Chicago, which was primarily known for her singles Get Over It, A Million Ways and Here it Goes Again. Influenced by bands like they were Cheap Trick, T. Rex and Queen. OK Go shares management with They Might Be Giants, with whom they were on tour before the band signed to Capitol Records.

The band also was the house band for the radio program This American Life on the tour for the fifth anniversary of the show. Ira Glass, the host of the show, wrote their first official bio, which he called them "living catnip " and their songs as "part indie rock, part stadium rock, part straight up pop with the occasional whiff of Weezer or The Cars or Elliott Smith " described.

Band History

Singer Damian Kulash, bassist Tim Nordwind and former guitarist Andy Duncan have known each other since high school. Kulash played in school in a band called Load and was the founder of a very small record label called Level Records. During her studies at Brown University, he played in at least three bands - A La Playa, Calixto Chinchilla, and Square. In his last year at university, he published three CDs, one of which, called appendices, already contained an original version of the song Bye Bye Baby, which later was included on his debut album by OK Go.

While Kulash at Brown University, was Duncan and North Wind studying in Chicago. There, the two founded together with drummer Dan Konopka, a relatively well-known band called Stanley's Joyful Noise. After finishing his studies in 1998 Kulash moved to Chicago and was also a member of Stanley's Joyful Noise. The group renamed itself in OK Go to, and Kulash has now frontman of the band together. After the release of their second album Oh No and the rapidly growing success, guitarist Duncan decided a few weeks before the start of the first major tour, for which he would have some more time to have to be to leave the band. So had a replacement as soon as possible to be found which had to learn not only all the songs in the repertoire but also the dance choreography in a short time. Andy Ross ( born March 8, 1978 in Worcester, Massachusetts) was selected from more than 30 nominees and since 2005 supported the band.

Music videos

The second album of the band, Oh No, was recorded in autumn 2004 in Malmö and produced by Tore Johansson ( The Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand ) and was published in autumn 2004. The captured on a low budget and in a single piece of video for A Million Ways shows the band in the backyard of their singer Kulash, as they show one of Kulashs sister Trish conceived and choreographed dance. The video, which was filmed with a camera borrowed from a friend, not even for $ 10 and was published without the knowledge of their record label, Capitol Records on the Internet. Since then, this dance has become their trademark in concerts. In addition, the band has this choreography already shown several times on live television, including the British TV show Soccer AM. On 31 December 2005, a live brief appearance on the big screens at New York's Times Square was shown.

However, the video for A Million Ways is not the first of its kind on their website you can also watch the Ping Pong Instructional Video. In addition, various short films exist at the Federal Truth In Music Project. On 31 July 2006, the band has released the video for the song Here it goes again. It consists of a one-piece filmed, pre led to 8 treadmills dance routine.

In the videos mentioned moves Kulash, the actual singer of the band, not the lips to the text. This is instead taken over by bassist north wind. August 31, 2006 OK Go got the unique opportunity to live at the MTV Video Music Awards her dance routine to Here it goes again to show on treadmills. Since the VMA website, the sales of the album and the single Oh No Here it goes again so far up that they have already achieved on 5 September 2006 ranked 11th for the single and 2nd place for the album from the iTunes Music Store. On 7 November 2006 a limited edition CD / DVD set, which consists of the already published Oh No as well as a bonus DVD was released. For Here it goes again ok go were the Grammy in the category "Best Short Form Video " award. In addition, the song and part of the video appears in shape drawn in the Simpsons episode Scenes from a Marriage.

Medial Terms of songs

The single Do not Ask Me was used by EA Sports for the computer game " MVP Baseball 2003 " as the soundtrack. Also, Do What You Want, was also of EA used in the video games Burnout Revenge and NHL 06. In addition, the Nintendo DS game Guitar Hero is: On Tour advertised with this song and is playing there too. The song " Here it goes again " was played, among others, in the seventh episode of the 19th season of The Simpsons, and resulted in 1 of the sixth season of the series Scrubs and the pilot episode of the series Las Vegas.

Do not ask me appeared on the soundtrack CD of Smallville. The title You're so damn hot appeared on the soundtrack for The OC and Men in Trees. In 2009 they had shooting the moon on the soundtrack CD of New Moon.


Albums and EPs

  • 2000: Pink EP ( EP)
  • 2000: Brown EP ( EP)
  • 2002: OK Go
  • 2005: Do What You Want (EP)
  • 2005: Oh No
  • 2006: Oh No Special Edition (incl. bonus DVD )
  • 2010: Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
  • 2011: 180/365


  • 2002: Get Over It
  • 2003: Do not Ask Me
  • 2003: You're So Damn Hot
  • 2005: A Million Ways
  • 2005: Do What You Want
  • 2006: Oh Lately It's So Quiet
  • 2006: Invincible
  • 2006: Here It Goes Again
  • 2007: Do What You Want ( re-release including a new wallpaper video )
  • 2009: WTF?
  • 2010: White Knuckles
  • 2010: This Too Shall Pass
  • 2012: Needing / Getting


  • 2004: This Will Be Our Year from the Future Soundtrack for America compilation
  • 2006: Letterbox from the Hello Radio: A Tribute to They Might Be Giants Compilation
  • 2006: This Will Be Our Year from the John Tucker Must Die Soundtrack
  • 2006: Father Christmas from the Unaccompanied Minors Soundtrack


  • 2006: YouTube Award in the Most Creative
  • 2007: Grammy Award for Short Form Music Video