OKB-1 140

The OKB -1 EF 140 was a Soviet experimental bomber of 1948.

It was based on the German jet bomber Junkers Ju 287 of 1944. The peculiarity of the Ju 287 was the negative wing sweep forward. This should reduce the " leverage effect " on the swept wing extending rearwardly shock waves. With a positive sweep run to the outside, with a negative inward from the fuselage. Therefore, the leverage is virtually eliminated. The development was carried out from 1946 spent in the Soviet Union German engineers the Junkers works in Podberesje. Its head was Brunolf Baade. The plane was similar in the basic structure of the Ju 287, but it was still a new design. It was the successor to the EF 131

It was only an EF 140 built. They used two Mikulin AM TKRD -01 engines. The first flight took place on September 30, 1948 in Tjopy Stan by Paul JüLGE.

The EF 140 was designed as a bomber. But you chose to build from the bomber a spotter. Thus, the converted variant EF 140R (modified Rolls- Royce Nene engine) came with a larger wingspan and Klimov -WK -1 engines. The first flight of EF 140R was made on 12 October 1949. Development was canceled, however, after the fourth flight due to unrecoverable strong vibrations of the wing.

In 1950 the development of the next prototype EF 140 B / R was terminated without its maiden flight.