Okřínek ( German Wokrinek, also Okřínek ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located six kilometers northeast of Poděbrady and belongs to fulltext your real estates.


Okřínek is located northwest of the Oškobrh ( Wolfsberg, 285 m ) on the East Bohemian panel. West of the Sansky runs kanál and to the northwest, the Blatowiesen extend. Passing through the municipality, the state road 32 between Poděbrady and Jičín.

Neighboring towns are Blato and Senice in the north, and Srbce Vlkov pod Oškobrhem in the east, in the southeast Oškobrh, Odřepsy and Mlýnek in the south, Nové Mlýny and Vrčení the southwest, Pátek in the west and Kouty in the northwest.


The origin of the village lies in two houses that had emerged at the end of the 18th century on the south bank of the largest Bohemian pond Blato and are shown for the first time on the Josephine military recording from 1790. At the same time there was a settlement Srbce of 5 houses. Since the mid-19th century grew after the draining of the Blato the colonization by a small Anger and the Imperial Road of Podiebrad Gitschin to a village on.

After the abolition of patrimonial Vokřínek formed in 1850 a district of the municipality in the district Pátek Poděbrady. Ear 1890, the population of Okřínek grown to 512, this is also the highest in the history of the village. In the 1920s Okřínek formed a separate municipality. 1924 opened a primary school. On January 1, 1961, the community came to fulltext your real estates, at the same time Srbce was incorporated. In 1970 the incorporation of Senice. 1992 Senice broke off again.

Community structure

The municipality consists of the villages Okřínek Okřínek ( Wokrinek ) and Srbce ( Sirbitz ).


  • Oškobrh, viewpoint and archaeological site
  • Stone cross on the road to Jičín