Oksana Domnina

Oksana Domnina Alexandrovna (Russian Оксана Александровна Домнина, born August 17, 1984 in Kirov, Soviet Union) is a former Russian figure skater, which was launched in ice dancing.


Domnina was the daughter of Alexander and Nadezhda Arkadjewa Arkadyevitch Domnin in Kirov. She has an older sister named Tatiana Alexandrovna.

Domnina began at the age of six years with the figure skating, two years later she moved to ice dancing. My first partner was Ivan Lobanov. She left at the age of 15 years her hometown Kirov to train in Odintsovo with Alexei Gorshkov, where she trained first with Maxim Bolotin. With him, she was seventh at the Junior World Championships in 2002.

In the spring of 2002, she made ​​a trial with Maxim Shabalin. For this trial was more and the pair started together from now on. Already in their first season together they became junior world champion. Likewise, they were able to qualify through their third place at the Russian Championships for the World and European Championships.

2005, they were to be Russian champion in ice dancing in the absence of the reigning world and European champion Tatjana Nawka and Roman Kostomarow first time. Also in the international competitions they could ever improve. The following year, they were again second at the Russian Championships behind Nawka / Kostomarow. At the Olympic Games in Turin, they could occupy the eighth.

2007 won Domnina / Shabalin first time a medal at the European Championships when she took second place behind Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder. This year, they were again also Russian champions. In the same season they could for the first time in first place at a Grand Prix ( Cup of China) gain.

In the 2007 /08 season they won both the Cup of Russia, as well as the Grand Prix Final. However, at the Russian Championships, she could not participate due to an injury Shabalin, but are still provided by the Russian Federation for the European and World Championships as a participant. At the European Championships Domnina and Shabalin belehten second place both after the compulsory dance, and after the original dance. With outstanding freestyle they could but that lie ahead of them French Delobel / Schoenfelder intercept yet and was the first time in her career European champions. The subsequent World Championships had to cancel the couple due to a resurgence of injury Shabalin.

Domnina / Shabalin start for the Ice Skating School Odintsovo. The pair trained for a long time at Alexei Gorshkov in Domninas hometown Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast. But moved to the 2007/ 08 season their coach and train now at the former Olympic champions Natalia and Gennadi Linitschuk Karponossow in the USA.

In the 2008 /09 season Domnina / Shabalin won the Cup of China and took second place at the Cup of Russia. At the Grand Prix Final, they were second behind Delobel / Schoenfelder. The Russian Championships had to cancel again the couple. After a fall Maxim Shabalin in the compulsory dance of the European Championship, the pair finished their runs due to re- injury to Shabalin's knee. In the subsequent World Championships, she won the gold medal.

The following year, Domnina / Shabalin again won the European Championship, before they could win the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Vancouver. After this success, she withdrew from the amateur sport.

Together with her companion, Eistanzolympiasieger novel Kostomarow, Domnina has a daughter (born 2 January 2011). In addition to her Eistanzkarriere she is studying psychology.


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