Oksen Mirzoyan

Oksen Mirzoyan (Armenian Օքսեն Միրզոյանն; born June 11, 1961 in Angeghakot, Sissian Oblast ) is a retired Soviet and Armenian weightlifter. He was 1988 Olympic champion in the bantamweight.


Oksen Mirsojan began as a teenager in Armenia with the weight lifting. After initial successes at the national level, he was delegated to Spartak Yerevan and later at Dynamo Yerevan. At a size of 1.55 meters, it started mostly in the bantamweight ( class to 56 kg body weight (bw ) ) and a few times in the featherweight ( 60 kg class ). In the Soviet national team, in which it was recorded in 1982, Alexander Prilepin was his coach.

His first start on the international stage weightlifter he graduated in 1980 at the Baltic Cup in Bollnäs / Sweden. He reached there 235 kg bantamweight in the duel and thus finished second behind Frank Mavius ​​from East Germany, who scored 262.5 kg.

1982 Oksen Mirsojan first Soviet champion bantamweight duel with the load of 270 kg ( 120-150 ). In the same year he was then also used in the World and European Championships in Ljubljana and finished there in the bantamweight title with 272.5 kg ( 120 to 152.5 ), respectively the second place behind Anton Kodschabaschew from Bulgaria, to 280 kg (125 -155 ) came.

In 1983 he had a very great success, for he was in Moscow, world and European champion bantamweight. He mastered it in a duel 292.5 kg ( 127.5 to 165 ) and defeated it Suleimanow Naim, from Bulgaria, who scored 290 kg ( 130-160). That was the last defeat of Suleimanow who later went to Turkey and as Naim Süleymanoğlu made ​​a brilliant career.

The year 1984 was again a very bad year for Oksen Mirzoyan. He could not compete at the Soviet Championship due to injury. Recovered, he competed at the European Championships in Vitorio / Spain bantamweight. In an effort to keep up with Naim Suleimanow, he chose in the snatch with his initial weight 122.5 kg obviously too high, because he could not cope with these load times and therefore different without a valid duel result from. At the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, he was unable to attend because of the boycott of the Games by the Soviet Union. Instead, he could only participate in a tournament of the so-called socialist states in Varna, in which, with 132.5 and 133 kg he set two new world records in the snatch.

In 1985 Oksen Mirzoyan was not in the form of 1983, but he finished bantamweight both at the European Championships in Katowice at 270 kg ( 117.5 to 152.5 ) and at the World Championships in Södertälje / Sweden 280 kg ( 122.5 to 157.5 ) in a duel behind each Bulgarians Neno Tersiiski the 2nd place. This Tersiiski won in Södertälje only due to the lower body weight at the same power (280 kg) against Mirzoyan.

Also in 1986 won Oksen Mirsojan in a duel again two medals. At the European Championships in Karl- Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz ) he scoring 280 kg ( 120-160 ) that finished 2nd place behind Neno Tersiiski, which at 285 kg ( 122.5 to 162.5 ) and came in world Cup in Sofia he reached 285 kg ( 125-160 ) behind Mitko Grablew, Bulgaria, 290 kg ( 127.5 to 162.5 ) and He Yingqiang from China, 287.5 kg ( 127.5 to 160 ) the third Place.

In the Soviet Cup in 1987 Oksen Mirsojan launched for the first time at featherweight. He scored in this weight class in a duel 305 kg ( 132.5 to 172.5 ) and had to deal his Armenian compatriot Jurik Sarkisian, who came to 307.5 kg, narrowly beaten. These two athletes took off for the Soviet Union at the World Championship 1987 in Ostrava. Oksen Mirsojan scoring in a duel again 305 kg ( 135-170 ) and ranking it behind Stefan Topurow from Bulgaria and 315 kg ( 140-175 ) and Jurik Sarksijan, 307.5 kg ( 137.5 to 170 ) 3rd place.

1988 Oksen Mirzoyan went back into the bantamweight and was 290 kg ( 125-165 ) for the third time Soviet champion. At the European Championships in 1988, he took no part, but focused entirely on the Olympic Games in Seoul. This concentration was worth it, because he was in Seoul with 292.5 kg ( 127.5 to 165 ) before the two Chinese Olympic champion He Yingqiang, 287.5 kg and Liu Shoubin, 267.5 kg. This was without doubt the greatest success in his career. Has to be noted here that the Bulgarian Mitko Grablew actually lay before him, but was still disqualified for doping in Seoul.

In the following years he took while in the Soviet championships, winning in 1991 in the bantamweight title with 277.5 kg ( 127.5 to 150 ) the fourth championship, competed for the Soviet Union but with no international championships more.

When, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia had become an independent state, he started for his home country in 1993, again at featherweight in the World Championship in Sofia. He scored there in a duel 280 kg ( 125-155 ), but only enough more for the 6th Place.

After this championship, he finished his weightlifting career. He was businessman in Yerevan and took over the training of the Armenian national team of weightlifters who has been rebuilt. Later he was for several years President of the Armenian Weightlifting Federation. Since about 2005, he acts voluntarily in a sports school in Yerevan again as a coach and serves both over 60 youth weightlifters. But his main focus, he focused on the training of his son Arakel Mirzoyan, who has also become weightlifters and in 2009, European champion in the Lightweight was.

International success

WM EM - Single Medals

  • World Championship gold medals: 1983/Stoßen
  • World Championship silver medals: 1982/Stoßen - 1983/Reißen - 1985/Reißen - 1985/Stoßen - 1986/Stoßen - 1987/Stoßen
  • World Cup bronze medals: 1982/Reißen - 1987/Reißen
  • EM Golgmedaillen: 1983/Stoßen
  • EM- Silver medals: 1982/Reißen - 1982/Stoßen - 1983/Reißen - 1985/Stoßen - 1986/Reißen - 1986/Stoßen -
  • EM bronze medals: 1985/Reißen

Soviet Championships

World Records


  • All competitions in a duel, consisting of tearing and piercing,
  • OS = The Olympic Games,
  • WM = World Championships,
  • EM = European Championships,
  • Bantamweight, then to 56 kg body weight,
  • Featherweight, then up to 60 kg body weight,
  • The results of the Olympic Games were not since 1988 as World Championships


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