ÅŒkubo Station (Tokyo)


The Okubo Station (Japanese大 久保 駅, Okubo -eki ) is located in Shinjuku in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan.


The station was opened as the Kinoe railway station on 5 May 1895, received the passenger and freight operations. For October 1, 1906, all private railway companies were nationalized and the station went into the possession of the Japanese National Railways. On September 11, 1931, the property was shut down at the station. On April 1, 1989, the station became the possession of the JR East which resulted from the privatization of the state railway. Since 18 November 2001, the Suica can be used as an electronic ticket in the station.

Design and tracks

The JR station was built in the design of a through station. The south wall of the station building is designed every couple of years by volunteers through new murals. The station has two platform tracks, which are used by a central platform in the from. Directly east of the platform tracks run the tracks of passing Chūō Line ( Chūō Rapid Service ).


The Okubo Station is served by only on the Chūō - sobu Line of JR East. The paint used in the table below corresponds to the loans granted by the JR East color code of the line.


In 2008, the station from an average of 24 587 passengers was used on the day, so the rank of 160 took over 900 on the ranking of the busiest train stations of JR East in 2008.


Only about 200 meters to the east is the Shin- Okubo Station on Yamanote Line.

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