Okutama, Tokyo

Okutama (Japanese奥多摩 町, machi ) is a town in the district Nishitama located in Tokyo, Japan.


Okutama is surrounded by the mountain of the same country, is the highest elevation of the Kumotori with 2,017 m. Along the Ishione, one emanating from Kumotori Ridge, are some of the highest peaks in Okutama. Through the valley south of the Ishione flows of Tama, from which the name of the place and the area ( "Inner Tama " ) is derived.

On the western edge of the urban area of Okutama Lake, which is drained at its eastern end at the Ogōchi Dam (小河内 ダム) by the Tama is located. In the district Shiromaru the Shiromaru Lake, a reservoir of Tama is the Shiromaru Dam (白丸 ダム).


The community was originally called Hikawa and was appointed on February 11, 1940 machi (冰川 町). On April 1, 1955, Hikawa closed and the villages ( mura ) Kori (古 里 村, -mura ) and Ogōchi (小河 内 村, -mura ) together for community Okutama.

In 1957, the construction of which started in 1936 Ogōchi Dam was completed.


Attractions are the Okutama Lake, the Hatonosu Gorge (鳩ノ巣 渓谷), the Nippara stalactite cave (日 原 钟乳 洞) and the Ogōchi -no- Kashima - odori (小河内 の 鹿島 踊), a dance every year on 15. September at Ogōchi Shrine (小河 内 神社) is listed and has been honored as an important intangible cultural asset.


The Ōme Line of JR East stops at the stations Kawai (川 井 駅, -eki ), Kori (古 里 駅, -eki ), Hatonosu (鳩ノ巣駅, -eki ), Shiromaru (白 丸 駅, -eki ) and Okutama (奥多摩 駅, -eki ).

Attached to the trunk road network is Okutama with the National Roads 139 and 411 In the former, there is an end point, while the starting point in Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture is located. The national road 411 in turn connects Hachioji located in Tokyo with Kofu in Yamanashi prefecture.


In the city there are the two urban elementary schools Hikawa and Kori, and the two urban middle schools Hikawa and Kori.


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