Ola Ullsten

Ola Ullsten (actually Stig Kjell Olof Ullsten, born June 23, 1931 in Umeå ) is a former Swedish politician and diplomat, who was Prime Minister from 1978 to 1979 in Sweden.

Political career

In the first civil government in Sweden after 40 years of Social Democratic dominance Ullsten 1976 Minister for Development Cooperation. Following the resignation by Ahlmarks 1978 he moved on to the Deputy Prime Minister and took over the party presidency of the Liberal People's Party. A few months later, the coalition government Thorbjorn Fälldins broke up due to differences in energy policy.

Following negotiations with the Social Democrats, Olof Palme succeeded Ullsten in October 1978 to become prime minister of a purely liberal minority government, which had only a narrow parliamentary base ( 39 of 349 seats in the Swedish Parliament ). Initially quite successful the government slipped increasingly the political initiative. In different factual issues, the parties of the opposition agreed, bypassing the government.

After the general election in 1979, which did not strengthen Ullstens party Ullsten resigned as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister was instead in a new bourgeois coalition Thorbjorn Fälldin. This office has held Ullsten to 1982. The parliamentary elections in 1982 gave the Liberals a heavy defeat. Ullsten joined in 1983 as chairman of the party back.

He was later Swedish Ambassador to Canada and Italy.

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