Olasz ( Ahlaß German, Croatian Olas ) is a municipality in the small area Mohács, situated in the Baranya County in southern Hungary. The village has 633 inhabitants ( as of 2011).


Olasz is approximately 20 km south-east of Pécs and 23 km west of Mohács on the main road No. 57


The first written mention of the village took place in 1295, in the form of " Olozy ". At this time the Paulaner Order founded a monastery, which was dedicated to Saint Ladislaus. In 1295 Konrád Óvári left the monastery built of stone. It was in the district between Olasz, Hidor and Hásságy. The old village itself was at Birjánder Bach, on the road to Pécs which led to the convent. End of the 12th century French were settled here. The place was therefore erroneously " Olasz " (Hungarian for " Italian" ), because the Hungarians believed it were Italian colonists. 1718 South Slavs were settled.

In the 1720s German families were settled here. 1728 were recorded in Olasz a farmer, a widow and six smallholders German nationality. In 1730 it was even nine German farmers. 1732 but no Germans in the village were more established. End of the 18th century German were settled again.

In 1746 a parish was formed. The Church of St. Mary Magdalene, which has been built by a plague epidemic in 1738, soon became the parish church. The church soon became dilapidated and in 1776 a new church, which is dedicated to St. Philip, erected. From 1772 Juraj Papánek priest in the parish Olasz, which includes the towns of Olasz, Hásságy, Hidor, Nyomja, Birján and Belvárdgyula.


  • Roman Catholic Church Szent Fülöp, built in 1776, Baroque
  • Roman Catholic Church Szent Jeromos, 1754, Baroque