Old Firm

The Old Firm ( The old German -resistant, short- Old Firm) is the name for the rivalry and in particular for the derby between the two Scottish football clubs Celtic and Rangers.


Special explosiveness lies not only in that both teams are based in Glasgow, but also by the religious component. The Rangers are the club of the Protestants in the city, Celtic is the Catholic dominated club of Irish immigrants.

The Old Firm is the most commonly discharged Derby of Europe and is one of the oldest in the world. In the previous 399 meetings, the Rangers won the Derby 159 times, Celtic could enter 144 victories. 96 draws. (Stand: November 22, 2012)

The term Old Firm derives less from the rivalry between the two clubs here, but stems from the fact that these two clubs dominate football in Scotland is not only athletic, but especially financially. Both clubs have joined more followers than any other clubs in Scotland, in particular, are also found in Edinburgh and Dundee more fans of the two Glasgow teams as the local teams.

Since revenue from television contracts in England are many times greater than is the case in Scotland, in the past, both clubs have been trying to leave the Scottish league system and to enter the English league system. This is possible in the UK if the participating national associations, in this case, the Scottish FA and the Football Association, as well as the UEFA agree. This has not happened and will not happen in the near future, probably because of the Scottish FA lose its largest draft horses and the domestic league would lose its appeal.

2011 enacted the Scottish Parliament a law which prohibits the singing of sectarian or offensive songs. Fans of both camps there is 1 March 2011 banned songs or songs of this genre play in public. The new regulation is intended to counteract the mutual hatred of the rival fans.


When duel on September 5, 1931 came Celtic goalkeeper John Thomson, along with Rangers striker Sam English and suffered a fractured skull, died at the Thomson on the same day.

On January 2, 1971, died in an Old Firm Derby at the second Ibrox disaster, when 66 people died on a steep access to the grandstand.