Oldsmobile Achieva

Oldsmobile Achieva Sedan (1992-1997)

The Oldsmobile Achieva was offered by Oldsmobile from early 1992 until late 1997 car of the middle class.

The Achieva (the name is a derivative of the successful achiever ≈ ) based with the simultaneous sister models Pontiac Grand Am and Buick Skylark on the north platform of General Motors.

History on model years


In the spring of 1992, the Achieva appear as successor to the Cutlass Calais sedan and coupe in S and SL trim levels. The S drives a 2.3 - liter four- cylinder with 122 hp, the SL a 183 -hp version of the 2.3 - liter dual overhead camshafts and 183 horsepower, coupled as standard with a three- speed automatic transmission. This machine is also available in the S- Coupe as part of the W44 package including extensive sports facilities. In S/W44 and SL are available on request and a 3.3 -liter V6 with 162 hp.


New to the program is the (up to 1994 model year offered ) Achieva SCX coupe with the 188 -hp DOHC here, four-cylinder, five-speed sports transmission and electronic gear. The four-cylinder S now develops 117 hp, the one in the SL 157 hp. The four-cylinder with double overhead camshafts vibrated strongly associated with a high noise level. For the new model year, he was therefore retuned and lowered for the SL in performance.


In place of the SL coupe joined the SC coupe, instead of the 3.3 -liter V6, there was now a 3.1 -liter V6 ( 162 hp).


The trim levels were called now S Series I and Series II S In place of the two previously available four-cylinder joined a single variant of the 2.3 - liter dual overhead camshafts and balance shafts, 152 bhp. The revised suspension had a rear stabilizer.


The term S accounted for, the coupe SC occurred in the equipment levels: Series I, Series II and Series III, the sedan SL only as Series II and Series III. New was the 2.4 - liter four- cylinder with five-speed manual or four- speed automatic transmission (152 hp). The revised with a view to reducing noise 3.1 -liter V6 made ​​157 HP. Standard equipment included two airbags and air conditioning.


The level of equipment Series III accounted for, the limo, there was now also available as Series I. The four- speed automatic transmission was standard, the five-speed gearbox there was an option for selected models.


The coupe was accounted for, the sedan was sold as SL until December 1997 to fleet customers only with six-cylinder and automatic.


Total: 347 739 copies


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