Oldsmobile Firenza

Oldsmobile Firenza Coupe

The Oldsmobile Firenza was until the summer of 1988 built by early 1982 vehicle the lower middle class of American car manufacturer Oldsmobile.

The term Firenza had previously been used already for a sports version of the Oldsmobile Starfire.

Except for detail about the body and interior of the front-wheel drive Firenza with its GM sister models Chevrolet Cavalier, Cadillac Cimarron, Buick Skyhawk and Pontiac J2000 was identical; a close relationship was also with the Opel Ascona C. The entire model family heard the Group to the designation J -Car.

Model history

The introduction of the Firenza was made in March 1982, initially only as a notchback sedan and hatchback coupe with a 1.8 - liter four-cylinder (65 kW/89 hp) or on request with a two-liter four-cylinder (67 kW/91 hp). The trim levels are the base and SX (Coupe ) or LX ( sedan ). Modernistic the smooth front end was without grille ( instead supplied air intakes in the front apron the engine with air), traditionally, however, the tail lights in the typical Oldsmobile rectangular shape.

In early 1983, launched the sale of the five-door estate ( Cruiser) in base and LX equipment. New base engine is a two-liter four-cylinder Chevrolet with manifold injection (64 kW/87 hp ), optional, there is a built in Brazil 1.8-liter injection engine (62.5 kW/85 hp).

End of 1983, the front end is revised. The base coupe was available with optional GT package and the LX sedan with ES package and sportier look. The two-liter engine now 65 kW ( 89 hp ), the smaller engine 61 kW (83 hp).

In the fall of 1984, the rear is changed. On request, there were all models ( the GT package as standard ) with 2.8-liter V6 from Chevrolet (97 kW/132 hp).

The 1.8-liter made ​​from the end of 1985 again 62.5 kW ( 85 hp). The SX hatchback coupe also do away with in favor of a notchback coupe with a base or LC equipment. The station wagon was available from then on only in a layout version.

More detail changes such as matt black anodized trim on the base model (option for all models except wagon) and a FE3 sport suspension made ​​at the end 1986. The two-liter, there were now 67 or 75 kW (91/ 103 hp ), the smaller four-cylinder has been deleted.

In the fall of 1987 again modified front end with large square headlights ( previously had been possible due to the licensing requirements only small double square units). The model program is clipped, there is now only a base model as notchback coupe and sedan and as a cruiser. Two liters now with 91 or 97 hp ( 67/71 kW), the six-cylinder is eliminated.

With the end of the model year 1988, the Firenza is set in the summer of 1988 with no direct successor.

From Firenza Oldsmobile produced a total of 287,000 copies.


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