Oldsmobile Toronado

The Oldsmobile Toronado was the American car manufacturer General Motors under the brand Oldsmobile from the fall of 1965 offered to mid-1992 coupe front getriebens the upper class. The model was one of the personal luxury cars, it was produced in four different series. The model name is derived from the term tornado portmanteau.

Toronado (1965-1970)

Was presented as the Toronado in the fall of 1965, he was a sensation for contemporaries. It differed in many respects from the then customary up to the U.S. market. Firstly, there was the impressive body shape of this big luxury coupe. In addition, the car was equipped with front wheel drive. It was up to then by far the largest car that has ever been equipped with front wheel drive, and in America for almost 30 years, the first car with front-wheel drive ( as a last resort, it had the cord where 810 and 812, with which the company Cord 1937 in the bankruptcy had slipped ).

With the 7.0 -liter V8 it reached an impressive top speed for that time of 217 km / h Skeptics doubted whether the front-wheel drive for such a large car made ​​sense, but the tests proved that the Toronado disposal compared to other American cars of that time also an above average good road. The technique of large Olds was unusual, torque converter and transmission were associated with a unique chain drive. However, the space in the rear and the overview backward through the sloping coupe form were somewhat limited.

The car was initially very popular with the American car buyers. In 1966, more than 40,000 Toronados were sold. At that time it was one of the technically most impressive cars on the American market.

The Toronado was introduced for model year 1966 in the base and deluxe versions. Features of the first version was the front with flat grille, also seated retractable headlights and hatchback. It was powered by a seven liter V8 with 385 hp, the power transferred a Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission with three gears.

The end of 1967 was a facelift, which approximated the shape of the Toronado with notchback and in the greatly enlarged grille integrated pop-up headlights the mainstream style. The seven- liter has been replaced by a new 7.5 - liter V8 with 375 or 400 hp on request. The deluxe model has been renamed Custom Toronado.

In this form, the Toronado remained until the summer of 1970 in production. A total of 143 134 units were built.

Toronado (1970-1978)

The presented in the autumn of 1970 Toronado second wore a conventional formed sheet metal dress with notchback and exposed headlamps, but retained the front-wheel drive with. Offered he was initially as a base model and luxury variant Toronado Brougham. The drive took over still the 7.5 - liter V8 with 350 hp reduced power.

In 1972, after the introduction of performance measurement according to the SAE net standard engine with 253 hp stated. In 1973, the Toronado, the laws of the USA also, a front safety bumper. From model year 1974, the rear bumper was performed plump damping; the length of the car increased due to revised bumpers by 17 to 578 cm. The Brougham received a Landau vinyl roof behind the B-pillar. The engine power dropped to 233 hp. 1975 was the base model Toronado Custom, the Brougham retained its name with. The dual round headlights were replaced by rectangular.

1976 decreased the performance of the 7.5 liter V8 further to 218 hp. From model year 1977 was only a 6.6 - liter V8 with 203 hp initially used, in turn, coupled to a three-speed automatic. The base model was deleted from the offer. 1978 on the performance of the 6.6 - liter was reduced to 193 hp. In the model years 1977 and 1978, the Toronado was also a special model XSR (later called XS ) available; the characteristics of which were up to the B-pillars wraparound panoramic rear window and two electrically retractable glass inserts in the roof above the driver and front passenger.

From the second generation Oldsmobile Toronado made ​​from autumn 1970 to late summer of 1978, a total of approximately 267,000 pieces, of which 5166 copies accounted for variations XS / XSR.

Toronado (1978-1985)

In the fall of 1978 Toronado, Cadillac Eldorado and Buick Riviera were placed on a common technical base and body for model year 1979, the so-called e- platform from General Motors. Compared to its predecessor, the new Toronado was almost a foot shorter, 20 inches narrower and more than 400 kilograms lighter. The offer of the Toronado was in a single, Brougham that version; the coupe was powered by a 5.7-liter V8, an additional charge there was a V8 diesel of the same displacement.

For model year 1980, the grille was changed, the chrome cross braces now went through to the corners of the vehicle. Base engine was now a five-liter V8, the larger eight-cylinder and diesel remained available at extra cost, last in power to 106 hp reduced.

1981 replaced a 4.1 -liter V6 to a five-liter as the base engine, accounted for the 5.7-liter.

For the model year 1984 appeared as a luxury variant of the Toronado with Caliente package that offered a Landau vinyl roof with wide chrome trim strip, Speichenradkappen, leather seats and electronic dashboard for $ 2,195 charge. 1985 accounted for the V6 engine, the Caliente package was, however, continue to be offered.

From Toronado third generation originated from autumn 1978 to summer of 1985, a total of some 300,000 pieces.

Toronado (1985-1992)

In the late summer of 1985 debuted the last Toronado, significantly reduced again to a length of 4.80 meters. It was based on the new E / K platform, which also the Buick Riviera, the Cadillac Eldorado and the Cadillac Seville helped themselves.

The program was a single model, the Toronado Brougham, powered by a 3.8-liter V6 engine with injection, which gave its power through a four-speed automatic transmission to the front wheels.

In the spring of 1986 was added a unique aufgelegtes special edition for the 20th anniversary of the Toronado, that set them apart from special paintwork and extensive equipment from the regular model. Typical of the Toronado this generation were the returning pop-up headlamps and, in the first two years, held in a contrasting color bumpers and rocker panels.

For model year 1987, the V6 won just added 10 hp and now made ​​152 horsepower. In the spring of 1987 appeared with the Toronado Trofeo another special model, which had a sporty wrap with black grille, fog lamps and sill aprons. From model year 1988, the Trofeo was even part of the regular Toronado program. At the same time the performance of the six-cylinder engine was increased to 167 hp.

For the model year 1990, the Toronado received, with the exception of the hood, completely new body, which stretched to a length of 509 centimeters. Reason for this measure was the severely declined compared to the previous paragraph of the Toronado, which was generally attributed to his for the upper class to lanky stature. The sister models, where it has not fared better on the market were magnified at this time again.

In 1991, the performance of the 3.8 - liter engine increased to 172 hp, 1992 supplemented ABS and front passenger airbags standard equipment.

From the last Toronado to stop production in May 1992 86.700 copies were manufactured.


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