Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

The Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser was a station of the upper middle class, which was from 1964 to 1977 Oldsmobile, a brand of General Motors built. It was based on the F -85, and later on the Cutlass Supreme, but had a longer wheelbase and was offered in parallel with the station wagons of the respective base series.

Year by year


Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser ( 1965)

As of February 1964 Oldsmobile offered in addition to the combination of the F- 85 series wagon with a 5 " (127 mm) longer wheelbase to. With the wide, horizontal grille and dual headlights used it corresponded stylistically exactly the F -85, but had to offer as a special feature was a standard glass roof over the rear seat and the cargo area. The Vista Cruiser was offered with six or nine seats in the standard and the custom version. The engine range originated from the F -85 series: base engine was a six-cylinder with 3687 cc and a power output of 155 bhp (114 kW) at 4400 min -1. On request, there was also a V8 engine with 5408 cc displacement, the min - 1 210 bhp (154 kW) gave also in 4400.

The amendment to the bone-shaped grille in model year 1965 ( the first full model year for the Vista Cruiser) made ​​with the model. The V8 engine grew in power to 250 bhp (184 kW) at 4800 min-1, otherwise little changed. 1966 accounted for the six-cylinder engine, which did not meet the performance expectations of customers, and the V8 engine - now Basic performance - rose to 260 bhp (191 kW). Again, there was a slightly different grille and above the rear wheel arches came the " pelvic thrust " into play.

1967 was also the Vista Cruiser additional position lights between the double headlights and the V8 engine gained power to 320 bhp (235 kW). The version with three benches had only eight seats to offer and the version with six seats it was only in the better-equipped custom variant.


Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser ( 1969)

In 1968, the Vista Cruiser completely revised. Its wheelbase was increased by 1 "( 25 mm). The dual headlights with the intervening position lights were left, but in the middle of the front of the vehicle revealed a protruding as a V- shaped nose midsection. The grille in this area consisted of vertical chrome bars. The better -equipped custom variant was omitted. The new V8 engine had a displacement of 5735 cm ³ and made 310 bhp (228 kW) at a speed of 4800 min> -1. On request, but also the V8 engine of the model 4-4-2 with 6555 cc and a power output of 325 bhp (239 kW) could be installed.

In 1969, the position lights had disappeared between the headlights. There was a painted vertical stripe in the middle, on which was emblazoned the Oldsmobile emblem. Left and right stretched the grille with vertical bars. At the engine range changed this year nothing.

1970 remained stylistically everything the same and the 5.7 liter V8 made ​​only 250 bhp (184 kW) at 4,400 rpm > sup > -1. But was an option, the new high-performance V8 engine of the Model 4-4-2 with 7456 cm ³ capacity to have, the (268 kW) gave 365 bhp at 5000 min -1.

In 1971, the grille, as well as with the sister models Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme, massive and up and wore a chrome honeycomb pattern. Of the 5.7 liter V8 made ​​only 240 hp ( 176 kW) at 4200 min-1, of the 7.5 liter V8 only 340 hp ( 250 kW) at 4600 min -1.

In 1972 there were at the body again only minor changes - the radiator grille were a bit higher. Also was again a significant loss of engine power to complain: The 5.7 liter - unit brought it in to 180 bhp (132 kW) at 4000 min -1, which managed 7.5 -liter engine from the 4-4-2 even 250 bhp (184 kW). But there were a few copies of the Vista Cruiser, the 7.5 liter - Engine of Hurst Performance has been treated and is now 300 bhp (221 ​​kW) gave. These vehicles were 500 ( this year, a Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) in parallel to the official pace car at the Indy. Of these very special copies, there are still two pieces.


Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser ( 1976)

1973 Vista Cruiser appeared again designed completely different. It replaced the smaller Cutlass station wagon, which was not made ​​immediately. Accordingly, the wheelbase of the new series was the same as the Cutlass / Cutlass Supreme. Gone was the large glass roof that had the Vista Cruiser awarded originally named. Instead, there was a Glashubdach above the front seats. The hip bend over the rear wheel arches had also been serving as the double headlights. There were single round headlights in square frame. The two-piece grille with painted middle part showed a broad, open-bottomed horseshoe shape. The 5.7 liter V8 was unchanged from the previous model year, the 7.5 -liter V8 275 bhp made ​​again (202 kW) at 3600 min -1.

1974 were rectangular and slightly smaller to allow between them and the headlights of space for additional, square position lights, the horseshoe-shaped radiator grille. The Vista Cruiser is a little less luxuriously equipped, but otherwise structurally identical Cutlass Supreme Cruiser was set aside this year. The engine output of the 7.5 l - unit took on 210 bhp (154 kW) at 4000 min-1 from. 1975, there was little change, only introduced last year position lights disappeared and the grille has been somewhat wider.

1976 there was again a major facelift. The single round headlights were replaced by rectangular headlamps with dual underlying, flat position and direction indicators, the two grille consisted of vertical slots in the front plate, which continued into the horizontal plate in front of the hood into it. The painted nose with the Oldsmobile emblem remained (see photo). The length of the car took over the previous year at constant wheelbase by 4.2 " (107 mm) to. The performance of the 5.7 liter V8 increased to 170 hp ( 125 kW ) from that of the 7.5 liter V8 to 190 hp ( 140 kW) at 3400 min -1. In 1977 there were no stylistic changes, but the 7.5 -liter V8 was (136 kW ) was replaced by a smaller model with 6604 cc and 185 bhp at 3600 min -1. The 8- seater was no longer available in this last year of production.

The following year, the Cutlass Cruiser replaced the Vista Cruiser completely. In 14 years 361 759 copies were created.

Appearances in the film

  • A 1969 Vista Cruiser was Eric Forman's car on the sitcom The wild seventies.
  • In the movie The Lampoon is scrapped at the beginning of a Vista Cruiser ( 1968-1972 ).