Oliver Henry Shoup

Oliver Henry Shoup ( born December 13, 1869 Champaign County, Illinois, † September 30, 1940 in Santa Monica, California ) was an American politician and from 1919 to 1923 the 21 Governor of the State of Colorado.

Early years

Oliver Shoup moved in 1882 with his family to Colorado Springs, where he continued his education at the public schools. He then attended the Colorado College. After leaving school he worked in various companies before he went into the oil business. There he made ​​a quick career. In 1914 he became president of the Midwest Oil Company and the Midwest Refining Company. He was also a director of several banks in Colorado.

Political career

Shoup was a member of the Republican Party. On November 5, 1918, he was chosen as the candidate for the new governor of his state. After a re-election in November 1920, he could remain in office until January 9, 1923. After the end of the First World War, the production had to be converted back to civilian use in Colorado. The returning soldiers had to be integrated back into society. The disability and survivors of the fallen had to be provided. Regardless of these war-related operations originated in Shoup's tenure own State Highway Administration ( State Highway Department ). The National Guard was reorganized and some government institutions have been merged. The national debt was reduced. Governor Shoup was a supporter of Prohibition. Therefore, he also supported the corresponding Amendment. In 1921, the southern districts have been hit by a severe flood. In a special session of the legislature a program of assistance for these circles was decided. Then began the construction of flood protection facilities.

In 1922, Shoup declined to run again. Therefore, he resigned from office on January 9, 1923. After the end of his governorship, he devoted himself first again his private transactions. In 1926 he competed but then again to the governorship. This candidacy but remained unsuccessful. Oliver Shoup died of a heart attack and was buried in Colorado Springs. He was married twice and had four children.