Oliver Riedel

Oliver Riedel ( born April 11, 1971 in Schwerin ) is a German musician and bassist of the German band Rammstein.


After leaving school, Oliver Riedel made ​​in the second half of the 1980s an apprenticeship as a plasterer. After training, he continued to work in this profession. Early 1990 he gave up the profession for his dream, the music on.

Oliver Riedel started playing early 20's bass. He was living in a shared apartment with his later bandmate Richard Kruspe and Christoph Schneider. At this time he got an offer the band The Inchtabokatables to replace their pregnant bassist Franzi underdrive (aka Franziska Schubert). After some hesitation, he agreed to play there for a limited time bass. A year later he got out at The Inchtabokatables and among other things, of Schneider and Kruspe newly formed band Rammstein one.

Riedel Riedel is married to Marie and has one daughter from this marriage.


Oliver Riedel bass preferred the brand Sandberg and has also received his own Signaturemodell.