Olivia Molina (singer)

Olivia Molina ( born January 3, 1946 in Copenhagen) is a German - Mexican tango singer who was best known as a pop singer until the 1970s in Germany.


Her mother was a German dancer, originally from Flensburg. Her father was a musician and bandleader. He was born in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

The career began for Olivia Molina at the age of 14 in Acapulco, Mexico. As a student she had her first success with hits by Paul Anka, Ricky Nelson and Brenda Lee. Olivia Molina appearing in clubs and hotels and has received as a teenager her first recording contract with the record company Peerless in Mexico City and in 1965 with the title Juego de Palabras first place in the Mexican charts. In 1966 she moved to Germany, took acting classes and took off about 1970 records written in German language. Her first major success was the inclusion of the Beatles' Let It Be Hits in German language, but as was said at her. Thus they became known in the German-speaking. There were a few minor successes, and finally in 1974 the song of the TV lottery The way to happiness is free, probably her most commercially successful.

In 1972 she took part in the preliminary German Grand Prix Euro Vision Song Contest. Your contribution The largest arena in the world landed on the third to last place among twelve participants. In 1973 she won the German song contest titled The Song.

In the late 1970s, she retired from the pop business and devoted himself to the tango. Today it is still known as a singer of Latin American folklore.

She founded in 1987 the association " sponsor children in Latin America - Olivia Molina eV " in Bonn, whose president was.

In 2011, she celebrated her 50th anniversary on stage with their traditional tour " Olivia Molina - Christmas Gala".

Success title

  • But how ( Let It Be) 1970
  • Where and when in 1970
  • So Mexico is 1971
  • The song 1973
  • The Way to Happiness Is Free 1974
  • Today, Si, tomorrow No 1975
  • You, you, you in 1976