Olivone at the foot of Sosto ( 2221 m asl)

Olivone is a village and formerly independent municipality in the district of Olivone in the district Blenio of the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. As of October 22, 2006 merged with Olivone Aquila, Campo (Blenio ) Ghirone and Torre to the new community Blenio.


Olivone lies in the upper Valle di Blenio. The area of the former municipality includes the Valle Santa Maria, flows through the one of two arms of the Brenno. Through the valley, the road passes to Lukmanierpass, the Olivone with the Grisons community Medel ( Lucmagn ) connects.

Neighboring communities were from the northwest clockwise Medel ( Lucmagn ) in the canton of Grisons, Blenio and Acqua Rossa in the Ticino district Blenio and Faido, Campello, Calpiogna, Mairengo, Osco and Quinto in the district of Leventina.

Fusion community

The Canton of Parliament on 25 January 2005 adopted originally by the spring of 2006 proposed merger of the five municipalities of the upper valley portion was delayed by an appeal of the municipality of Aquila. After the Federal Court dismissed the complaint in April 2006, the road to fusion was free. In Olivone, the largest of the five fractions, the central facilities such as municipal offices and school are concentrated.


  • In the district of Olivone, parish church of San Martino. ,
  • Oratory of San Giuseppe
  • Ca 'da Rivoi (museum), architect: Raffaele Cavadini
  • Villa Centralone
  • Residence Piazza, Architect: Luigi Savoia
  • In the district of Solario, Oratory of Santa Maria Maddalena
  • In the district Sallo, Oratory of San Bartolomeo
  • In the district Marzano, Oratory of San Rocco
  • In the district Lavòrceno, Oratory of San Giacomo
  • In the district Scona, Oratory of San Colombano
  • In the district Petullo, House Martinali
  • In the district Sommascona, Oratory of Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • In the district Camperio, Oratory of San Defendente and Hospice
  • Residence Emma
  • In Lukmanierpass, Oratory of Santa Maria and granite statue of the Madonna col Bambino, sculptor Giovanni Genucchi.