Olpe (Bigge)


The Olpe ( called the upper reaches also Altenkleusheimer Bach) is about 10.3 km long, right-sided or eastern tributary of the Bigge in the district of Olpe, North Rhine -Westphalia ( Germany ).


The Olpe rises in the southern part of the nature Ebbegebirge. Your source is located approximately 1.4 km north-east of the village Altenkleusheim, an eastern district of the county town of Olpe. It is located on 451 m above sea level. NN directly to a curve of the federal highway 54, approximately 100 meters east of the source runs a section of the "Old Landwehr " ( cultural monument ), approximately 200 m below is the " substation Altenkleusheim " on which the Olpe, which is below their source as " Altenkleusheimer Bach " is, right past flows.

After flowing from Altenkleusheim the Olpe runs in a north -westerly direction and reached after open out of the east or Neuenkleusheim flowing Neuenkleusheimer Bach Stachelau the village, eastern district of Olpe. There flows from the east or the Rehringhausen Coming Ahe (also called " Rehringhausener Bach" called ) a. In the village the Olpe bends towards the west, to then flow through Lütringhausen, another district Olpes.

Directly below the Lütringhausens Olpe Olpe flows through the core city, in the left side, the Günse opens to eventually to around 309 m above sea level. NN to lead into the approaching flowing from the south Lenne inflow Bigge; the mouth is located underground beneath the southern part of the pre-or the car park of the " Olpe Bahnhof".


Most important tributaries of the Olpe are the 5.7 km long Neuenkleusheimer Bach and the Ahe with a catchment area of ​​7.302 km ². The following are the tributaries of Olpe be named, as they are called in directory waters NRW. The mouth heights were derived from the contour lines of the German base map 1:5000.