Olympic Oath

The Olympic oath is the promise at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games from an active sportsman of the host country and a judge given to observe the Fair-Play/Fairness-Gedanken. The oath was first sworn at the Summer Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920 by the Belgian fencer Victor Boin.


Until 1964 was the wording of the oath:

The subsequent modification of the character of the text took an oath and was rather a promise:

Since the Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968 are also " sworn " ( with a similar pledge ) the judges. Since the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 Olympic oath also contains an anti- doping clause, which was adopted in December 1999 by the IOC Assembly.

The current version is:

Speaker / Spokesperson

Battle Set Reid

The so-called battle lessons Reid is, however, also used for other sporting events, such as World Championships. The formula is this:

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