Om Namah Shivaya

The Panchaksharamantra (Sanskrit. पञ्चाक्षरमन्त्र pañcākṣaramantra m » fünfsilbiges Mantra " ) is the main mantra of the Shaiva and serves the worship of the Hindu god Shiva.


The Panchaksharamantra is:

The mantra can be spoken in the opposite way: namah Shivaya, and is often sung together with the mystical syllable Om: Om Namah Shivaya, which is in the Shivapurana called sadaksharamantra (" sechsilbiges Mantra ").


The Panchaksharamantra is the root mantra ( mulamantra ) of Shiva worshipers. The five "sacred" syllables of the mantra are available for Maya, the Anavamala ( karmic cause of action ), Shiva, Shakti, and the soul. The number five is the holy Shiva and many Shiva Mantras are therefore five syllables.

The Indian philosopher Shankara (c. 800 ) wrote a sechsstrophiges acrostic, the Shivapanchaksharastotra, in which he interprets the mystical mantra. Each of the first five stanzas begins with one of the five sacred syllables and ends with the Panchaksharamantra.

Pop culture

The German singer Nina Hagen in 1999 published the music album Om Namah Shivay.


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