Grandma stands for:

  • The grandmother, see grandparents
  • A village in the Nenets Autonomous District of the (Russia ), see Oma (Russia)
  • A river in northwest Russia, see Oma (river)
  • A badminton national player from Norway, see Hallstein Grandma
  • A tube scarf NVA
  • A captive Journal of playing cards, see Omablatt
  • The auxiliary queue at pool, see Queue ( billiards) # auxiliary queues

OMA stands for:

  • A city in the Japanese prefecture of Aomori, see OMA ( Aomori )

The abbreviation grandma or OMA stands for:

  • A file format OpenMG, see list of file extensions / O
  • Object Management Architecture
  • The Olympic country code for Oman
  • Open Mobile Alliance, an association of mobile operators
  • Ostfriesland Magazine, a magazine
  • OMA ( time signal transmitter ), the off time signal transmitter in Prague
  • Office for Metropolitan Architecture, architecture office of the architect Rem Koolhaas
  • Organization for the defense of monsters of all kinds, an organization in the series Disney's Funny Paperback
  • The IATA code of the Eppley Airfield in Omaha
  • One Man Army, different meanings
  • Only Men Aloud! , Welsh Male Choir
  • Oman Air ( ICAO code )

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