Oman Football Association

The Oman Football Association (Arabic الاتحاد العماني لكرة القدم, DMG al -Ittihad al - ʿ UMANI li - curate al - qadam ), the Football Association in Oman. It was founded in 1978 and joined the AFC in 1979 and 1980 of FIFA. The Oman Football Association is thus a relatively new member of the Football Association.


1996 and 2000 won the Oman U-17 Asian Cup and took part in the U-17 World Cup in 1995 in Ecuador. They reached the fourth place in the tournament. In this tournament Mohamed Al Kathiri was voted MVP of the tournament and was awarded the Golden Ball for the most goals in the tournament ( 5 goals).

However, the A-team can not boast many successes. It did not occur until very late in the professional area. They reached the final of the 2004 Asian Cup, but failed in the first round. In 2007 she qualified again, but left again in the group stage. In the Gulf Cup they reached the finals three times, but lost in 2004 and 2007 against Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In 2009 they won the finals as hosts but against Saudi Arabia.

Oman has a total of 45 clubs, divided into three leagues. The first league OFA Oman Mobile League has twelve clubs, the second 13 and the third 20 clubs.


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