OmniWeb [ ɑ ː mniwɛb ] is a web browser for Mac OS X from The Omni Group.

OmniWeb was initially designed for NeXTStep and OpenStep for further maintained, newer versions are published exclusively for Mac OS X. After OmniWeb has long been equipped with its own HTML renderer, it was decided in February 2003, Apple's KHTML -based WebKit to be used ( as of version 4.5).

In order to position its fee-based browser to the free Safari, Omni Group OmniWeb has been equipped with a number of functions, such as individual preferences for each side (also for cookie management ), form input with Text Enlargement and spelling correction and an ad blocker. A special feature of OmniWeb (version 5 ) is also the right or left to be seen by the browser window tab bar can be displayed in different tabs in the preview thumbnails of web pages.

As of version 5.9 which was released in February 2009, the program is released as freeware.