The Omron K. K. (Japaneseオムロン 株式会社, Omuron Kabushiki - gaisha, Eng. OMRON Corporation) is a global company with multiple divisions. These are: industrial automation, electronic components, public systems and medical devices. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

It was (立 石 电机 制作 所, dt " electric appliance factory Tateishi " ) founded in 1933 by Kazuma Tateishi (立 石 一 真) as Tateishi Denki Seisakujo. About 50 % of sales are generated outside Japan. In Europe, there has been active since 1974.

In the 80 years OMRON became known in Germany through the small controller C20. Beginning of the 90 attempts were made to introduce the fuzzy technology in automation technology.

Products of automation technology

The following products are distributed primarily in Europe: Programmable Logic Controller, HMI ( HMI), frequency, power, image processing, security systems, temperature controllers, counters and timers, photocells, proximity switches, relays and switches.

Unlike other PLC manufacturers no microcontroller is used for bit processing, but developed specifically for OMRON ASICs. This bit instructions can be processed very quickly.


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