Omsk Oblast

56.02573.275Koordinaten: 56 ° 2 ' N, 73 ° 17' O

The Omsk Oblast (Russian Омская область / Omskaja oblast ) is an oblast in Russia.

The oblast is situated in the south of the West Siberian lowlands, bordered to the west and north of the Tyumen Oblast, on the east by the Tomsk and Novosibirsk oblasts, as well as in the south and southwest Kazakhstan. The most important river is the Irtysh.


After the area had come late 16th century by Yermak under Russian suzerainty, used the Russian colonization. In 1900 founded German -born settlers ( mainly Russia Mennonites ) from the European part of Russia several settlements with sometimes up to 100 % German-speaking population, whose vernacular Plautdietsch, a Low German dialect with " Russian Impact ", is still spoken there today. In 1944, in the northern districts of Omsk an epidemic of Omsk fever


The population of the Oblast counts 2,014,135 inhabitants and sits next to Russians ( 83.5 %), Kazakhs (3.9%), Ukrainians (3.8%), Germans from Russia (3.7%), Tatars (2.30 % ) and other nationalities. More than half the population lives in the city of Omsk, the only major city in the oblast. Southwest of the Omsk is founded in 1992, German National Asovo circle. At its founding, were of the approximately 60,000 inhabitants, about 60% of Russia German. Most of them, however, are now emigrated to the Federal Republic of Germany. They were replaced by immigrants from other parts of the former Soviet Union, partly also Russia German, but whose native language is mostly Russian. Despite strong emigration of Germans from Russia to Germany in the 1990s, the Omsk Oblast has until now represented the largest proportion of Germans in the total population of all federal subjects of Russia.

The main industries include oil refining, the, the defense, food and the timber industry. Fertile black soils provide a relatively productive agriculture.

Administrative divisions and cities

The Omsk Oblast is divided into 32 Rajons and a city district, the administrative center of the oblast, a city of millions Omsk forms. There are a total of six oblast cities and 21 urban-type settlements.