OMZ also Uralmash - Izhora (Russian Объединенные машиностроительные заводы ( ОМЗ ), transcribed Obedinennyje maschinostroitelnyje sawody, United German machine factories ) is Russia's largest heavy machinery and industrial equipment company. The company, headquartered in Moscow is an open joint stock company; the majority of shares are held by the oligarch Vladimir Potanin Olegovich.


The product range from OMS ranging from steel and other metals on machinery and equipment for mining, petrochemical and power plants to nuclear reactors.

  • Mining equipment and machinery
  • Oil and gas extraction and refinement
  • Metal finishing and processing ( particularly steel )
  • Nuclear and Energy Technology


OMZ was created in 1996 under the leadership of the Georgian businessman and later politician Kakha Bendukidze by merger of Uralmash ( russ.Уралмаш, Full Уральский Машиностроительный Завод, Uralski Maschinostroitelny Zavod, German Ural Mechanical Factory) and SSMK (Russian ЗСМК, Full Западно - Сибирский металлургический комбинат, German West Siberian metal factory).

In 1999, merged with the OMZ St. Petersburg engineering company Izhora Sawody under a new name Uralmash - Izhora Group. But the old abbreviation OMZ remained nevertheless continue in use.

Between 2003 and 2005, the founder Bendukidze sold gradually the majority of his shares to the Russian entrepreneur Potanin, after he had come to the attention of the Russian leadership, when it was a thorn in the flesh, that a foreigner was the owner of the leading Russian nuclear technology company.

In 2003, OMZ the Steel manufacturing and processing of Škoda; 2008 also Czech metallurgy companies Cheteng Engineering.

In 2007, OMZ a joint subsidiary for the production of mining equipment with the Metalloinvest Group.