Onagadori are the only ones recognized by the Association of German breed poultry breed chickens that are not or only every few years molt their tail and saddle or parts of this because of the special Gt gene.

Thus, each year the tail continues to grow into old age and can grow up to 14 feet long. Onagadori can be up to 20 years old with traditional entertainment. The hens are able to lay fertilized eggs up to eleven years.

The property of the unlimited tail growth is not found everywhere but today, as to export and import the gene pool is very small now by banning animals from Japan. For this reason, some use is made on the genetics of other long-tailed breeds such Shokoku or Totenko what for the European and Japanese breeding is a problem, because even there the animals are very closely related.

Note, however, that the gene that causes the Mauser, is activated by the male hormone testosterone again, why breeding cocks moult like any other breed every year or every two years. A rule of thumb states that a tap is not more than eight times a year may copulate a hen, so before he is hormonally set entirely on the breed.

Today it is no longer easy to find a pure, original Japanese Onagadori who really do not moults his dick. One should not be confused with the Japanese Onagadori the phoenix, as these animals have very different properties in the tail stature and its form. Particularly, the two races are distinguished by their body shape, the Phoenix are Tubular, so very elegant. Onagadori other hand, is much more in country chicken type and have a more powerful form and clearly pronounced chest. The Fußfarbe, which is blue - gray with a phoenix and yellowish to green pastures in Onagadori, is a clear indication of the purity of the breed.

In general Onagadori are not the best chickens and establish in but already a laying capacity of more than 100 eggs, sometimes significantly more. Your breeding instinct is moderate, so that one though now and then has a mother hen, but not only.


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