Once Around

A charming disgust ( Original title: Once Around ) is an American film drama from 1991 was directed by Lasse Hallström, Malia Scotch Marmo wrote the screenplay. . The film starred Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter.


Renata Bella learns the much older and wealthy entrepreneur Lithuanian origin Sam Sharpe know. Sharpe likes most, the county traffic island to drive around several times. Renata marries him despite the doubts of her father Joe and her sister Jan. She speaks her sister that she plays to a happy marriage and secretly flirting with Jim Redstone.

Renata is pregnant and has a child. Sam puts the date of the baptism fixed by a Lithuanian tradition. As the sister of Renata and her husband to be godparents for this date plan holidays, there is a dispute. Renata does not want to see her family during the ceremony. Her father later spoke with her and forbids her to visit the family in the company of Sam. He says that Sam would destroy the family.

Baptism happens first with Renata, Sam, and a Lithuanian priest. The door of the church opens, Renata's parents and her siblings enter. She is very pleased. At the end of baptism Sam has a heart attack.

The reconciling family celebrating Christmas together. All family members worry about Sam's health and about whether the courts are suitable for a heart- sick man. Only Joe thinks a man should make their own decisions on what concerns his health. Sam smokes a cigarette, Renata argues with him. Sam says he's as alive as ever in spite of the disease.

A little later, Sam dies. When traveling to the funeral motorcade reached a roundabout, Joe arranges a few laps to go in honor of the greatest around the roundabout.


  • Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times, January 18 1991, the film would make him speechless. He would be a good movie, but not in a conventional kind Ebert praised highly the character of Sam Sharpe and the offensive portrayal of Richard Dreyfuss. He also praised the intense portrayal of Holly Hunter and the sensitive ( delicate ) Preparation of Danny Aiello and the dialogues of the film.
  • " Tragi-comedy with excellent cast whose life-affirming story loses its entertainment value and emotional power by a too top-heavy production. " - " Encyclopedia of the international film " (CD -ROM edition ), Systhema, Munich 1997