Microsoft OneDrive, formerly Microsoft SkyDrive is an online data backup service from Microsoft, which in 2007 under the name of Microsoft Windows Live Folders (codename SkyDrive ) was started in the United States of America. Since 19 February 2014, the service under the name OneDrive is operated. The service allows you to upload files and there - even from other approaches from - edit or access it.

Access is via a web browser ( Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox), or via a proprietary client application. Optionally, the files can be made ​​available to other users. The free space is since spring 2012 7 GB. Prior to the free storage capacity was 25 GB. Existing customers, Microsoft acknowledged during a time window for a free upgrade back to their usual amount of disk space. For buyers, a Microsoft Office 365 version an additional 20 GB unlocked. The maximum size for individual files is 2 GB using a recent browser version or OneDrive App; when using an older web browser only files can be uploaded with a size of up to 300 MB.

Software and Apps

With the help of the offered by Microsoft OneDrive application, it is possible to very easily upload data to OneDrive ( " to store in the cloud "). For this purpose a OneDrive folder is created on your own PC and all files that are moved to this folder are automatically synchronized between your computer (PC or Mac) and Products are added to files to a location, changed or deleted, they are automatically the next online contact also on all other ( own ) locations synchronized with it.

Besides OneDrive for Windows and Mac OS, Microsoft offers also of apps for Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and iPad. With these you have mobile access to synchronized files and the ability to manage them and to share with others. Captured images or videos can also be uploaded directly to OneDrive and shared with others.

An alternative to the above applications is available for Microsoft Windows as freeware program SDExplorer. It also allows you to synchronize files and folders with OneDrive. The paid version SDExplorer Pro also offers the possibility OneDrive as an additional drive in the workplace involve. For Mac OS is available as an alternative, the Windows Live Mesh for Mac program.

Since Windows 8.1 OneDrive is firmly integrated in the explorer.


Since May 2008 the service is available not only in English but also in German and other languages. Under current Linux and Windows operating systems, it is also possible without any special software to integrate OneDrive as a network drive in the system.

Office Online

With the introduction of Microsoft Office 2010 have been the online offer can also be simplified web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, the so-called Office Web Apps, added, made ​​of simple documents with which the browser and in some cases edited. They can, for example presentations online without locally installed PowerPoint, play, or add notes to OneNote documents. For the launch of Office 2013, this was revised again and got new features. At the start of the OneDrive Web Apps have been renamed to Office Online.

Name Change

Microsoft was sued by BSkyB for infringement of trademark rights and sentenced in July 2013. Both companies agreed that Microsoft's behalf may use transitional and dispensed in return for an appeal. BSkyB had the period 2008-2011 a product called "Sky Store & Share" on offer. Since February 2014 SkyDrive named OneDrive after the name change was announced in August 2013.