OneSwarm is developed at the University of Washington P2P client, which is characterized by its anonymous network structure. OneSwarm is backward compatible with BitTorrent, but also includes new features to protect the anonymity of its users. The program is based on a so-called friend -to -friend darknet, ie a P2P network, in which the user based on his "friends" - usually trustworthy other users - decides who has access and who does not file. In addition, the program offers a search function (as opposed to normal BitTorrent client ) and a Web GUI, that is a user interface through the web browser, which can also be used for remote control of the program.

OneSwarm based on the code of the BitTorrent client Vuze and the beta version used in some places still bears the name Azureus for itself, that is the name of the original Vuze network core.

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