Online office suite

Online office applications are computer applications which Office documents can be created without the user having to install any software to do so. The files lie mostly on a server and be processed on the Internet. One of the first solutions was SUN ONE Webtop, an online version of StarOffice from Sun Microsystems.

Main Features

The Web-based applications are usually characterized by the fact that they want to appearance ( GUI), operation and storage formats remain as close as possible compatible with the established Office program packages. Many developers are now offering all the usual range of office suite, some still also develop other applications.


It is the individual technical solutions, in contrast to older models, mean that they have the necessary calculations for the most part on the client side, so perform control commands directly in the browser, as with Ajax scripts and Java applets is the case, and only when necessary data reload from the server. The fact that the parameters are passed internally in the browser, you get the impression of a desktop application. Online office applications are usually called as Web pages and run in the browser. For saving the files, the provider usually offers web space, you can see the documents but also place it on your own hard drive.


Many large manufacturers apparently assume that Office Web Applications can capture a large share of the market, and develop therefore targeted these applications or buy appropriate start -ups to ( as were, among others, Writely and jotspot bought in 2006 by Google, the flash based word processor Buzzword in October 2007 by Adobe).

Example, Google Drive

Google Drive is an online office site by Google. It offers a word processor and a spreadsheet, a presentation software. To use the service, a Google account is required. The original Google Docs evolved from two independent components: the added -selling word processor Writely as well as the in-house spreadsheets, Google Spreadsheets, Google a limited number of users made ​​available on June 6, 2006. In September 2007 the tool for presentations was added.

Other representatives

Additional representatives:

  • Zoho Office
  • ThinkFree Office
  • Microsoft Office Live
  • Buzzword