Ope IF

Ope Idrottsföreningen is a Swedish sports club from Östersund. The club is best known for its football department. While the men were able to advance to the second division, the women even played in the first division.


Ope IF was founded on 30 January 1922. For a long time played the football team only unterklassig. 1953, she joined in Division 3 Mellersta Norrland first higher class in appearance. In 1956, however, the re descent. As a runner, the renewed rise was missed in the following two years. While this succeeded in 1959, but it was followed by the immediate re descent. In 1963 there was the same story: first up, then immediately back down.

1968 succeeded Ope IF after several years Viertklassigkeit the re- ascent. This time managed to avoid relegation and the club has established itself in the upper middle of the third division in the early 1970s. 1972 succeeded the relay victory in Division 3 Södra Norrland and then survived the team's promotion round without defeat for the first time and rose to the second division.

On the tenth place in the Division 2 Norra Ope IF 1973 ended his first season in the second division. In the following season the team was in the relegation battle, which was managed thanks to goal difference compared to the same number of points competitors Degerfors IF. In the third season the second-division club parted two points from relegation IF Brommapojkarna. The 1976 season was not as successful. Three points behind IF Saab took you into the relegation zone.

Although Ope IF was third league champions again directly, in the Rise Play failed the team with only one win behind the rising stars IFK Västerås and Kramfors - Alliansen. after two runner-up again in 1980 succeeded the relay victory. This time, succeeded as the first table the promotion round to return to the second division.

After a first year in the safe middle Ope IF played in the second year again against relegation. Again saved the better goal the club. For the third year in 1983 you could not benefit from an increase in the League: Although only the last descent they finished exactly this place and was again only mediocre.

As Season winner is Ope IF qualified for the promotion games. After a 1-2 defeat and a 2-1 victory over Karlstad BK penalty shootout had to decide. This Ope IF was able to prevail 3-1 and return directly to the second division.

After two years in the second division Ope IF missed but again the league and was put through to the next season even in the fourth league. The team succeeded in the immediate promotion back to the third-rate Division 2 Norra. There, the team was able to establish and abolished in 1993 the repeated return to the Swedish House of Commons. Here, however, the league was missed again. By 1996, the team played with the front but could not manage the climb again.

In 1996 it was decided in Östersund to form from the three high class clubs in the city, a new powerful team. Under the name of Östersund FK, therefore, concluded on 31 October of the year along the first teams of Ope IF, IFK Östersund Östersund and / Torvalla FF. The new team of Ope IF took over the place of Östersund / Torvalla FF in the fifth division. There, the team was champion in 1998 and rose to fourth in the league. However, the league has been missed. After several missed attempts, in 2003 was the re- ascent.

2005 Ope IF victims of the League reform in Sweden and came to the now fifth rate Division 3, 2007, the team got down to the sixth league.

The women's team played in the late 1970s and early 1980s, first class.