Opel Adam

Adam Opel 1.4 Glam

The Opel Adam ( desired by the manufacturer pronunciation: [ ædəm ] ) is a micro car of the car manufacturer Opel. Using badge engineering, it is also offered as Vauxhall Adam.

The car was introduced on September 22, 2012 on the occasion of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the public company. The production of the demonstration began in late November 2012, while the regular series production started on 10 January 2013. Official start of sales was 19 January 2013.

The Adam is mounted in the Opel plant in Eisenach, in which this 190 million euros have been invested.


The Opel Adam is only built as a three -door model and is based on the shortened platform of the Corsa D. In addition to the three-door is also a convertible version in planning, a concept this was presented in March 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The small car is from the perspective of Opel " characterized by design and Personalization " and should thus apart from other models of the brand, the type plate at the rear was not, but at the C-pillars, glued on. The headliner is available in various designs, such as in the literal sense as Sky ( Sky), in a checkerboard pattern (Go) or with a signal generated by light-emitting diodes 63 starry sky ( Stars ).

The dashboard is - designed from various materials corresponding to the exterior color - similar to the Fiat 500; This concept continues to cap the radio remote control. Interfaces to current smartphones are integrated as standard and installed on-board computer.


Four trim levels are available for the Adam:

  • Adam: basic version

In the standard equipment of the Adam has a radio, electric windows and mirrors, daytime running lights, ABS, ESP, split rear seats, central locking, chrome design in the interior, and a power steering with the so-called City mode in which the power steering is significantly larger.

  • Jam: higher quality version

When Adam line Jam additionally include air conditioning, cruise control, trip computer, leather steering wheel, alloy wheels and a CD radio and a speakerphone standard equipment.

  • Glam: luxurious version

The Glam features beyond standard with automatic climate control, LED running lights and a panoramic glass roof.

  • Slam: sporty version

The equipment Slam also features heavily tinted windows in the rear, part-leather, larger alloy wheels, LED taillights and a sports suspension. However, the panoramic glass roof does not count as standard equipment.

Rear view


In addition, the variants Glam, Slam Jam and are each offered in a version called Extreme, which offer decorative elements for eg interior and exterior mirrors and grill clip, wheels and interior.

In addition, there are the following trim levels:

  • Black: with black roof, black wheels and black door mirrors
  • White: with white roof, white rims and white door mirrors
  • Twistesd: color combinations for mirrors, grill clasp and interior as well as to each matching alloy wheels.


Engine bay of the 1.2-liter engine with 70 hp

Printed headliner with checkerboard pattern

With " Flexfix " for 1 bike

Sport version by R2 Rally Regulations

Study Adam Rocks, Geneva Motor Show 2013

Study Adam S, Geneva Auto Salon 2014


First, the Adam with already known from the current Corsa 1.2 is - and 1.4 - liter petrol engines, which cover a power range from 51 kW (70 hp) to 74 kW ( 100 hp ), offered. These are coupled exclusively to a five -speed manual transmission.

By Adam 1.4 LPG Ecoflex Opel has launched a LPG variant on the market in August 2013. This makes 64 kW ( 87 hp ) and consumes 6.9 liters of LPG per 100 kilometers.

From the beginning of 2014, a more modern engine family, which was developed jointly with China's Shanghai Automotive Industry, are used. This consists of 3 - and 4- cylinder petrol engines with a displacement of 1.0 to 1.4 liters. A diesel engine is not currently planned due to the higher weight. The motors are all equipped with direct injection and turbocharger. In the emission standards they meet the requirements of Euro 6 Opel also plans a hybrid version of the Adam bring out, from 2014 an electric car will also be available.

  • Values ​​in brackets apply to vehicles with start-stop system


  • Adam Cup

The Cup was first presented by Adam Opel in November 2012, is this is a rally conversion based on the Opel Adam for its own brand trophy. In Germany the brand championship is named: ADAC Opel Rally Cup and is discharged together with ADAC. Originally a starting field of 20 participants was here under consideration which has been increased due to the great rush to the starter courses to 24 participants. Beginning in March 2013 was also a collaboration with the FFSA announced to align in France an Adam 's Cup here with 17 participants. The vehicles will be built by Holzer Motorsport, feature a 1.6 - liter naturally aspirated engine with approximately 103 kW and a sequential five -speed transmission of Sadev with mechanical multi-disc limited-slip differential.


At the Geneva Motor Show 2013, Opel before the study of Adam R2 for the FIA World Rally Regulations R2, it is largely based on the Adam's Cup, the 1.6 - liter naturally aspirated engine does this, however, 136 kW (185 hp) and a torque of 190 Nm. For the lettering of the model Opel chose the Windows Arial font.