Opel Ampera

Opel Ampera ( since 2011 )

The Opel Ampera is a four-seat electric hybrid vehicle, the Opel brand on the basis of the Voltec drivetrain, which has been produced since July 2011 at the Hamtramck plant of Chevrolet in Detroit.

Opel calls it an " electric vehicle with extended range ," engl. abbreviated " EREV ", but also advertises with: " Take our electric vehicle in the future." The first offered by General Motors based on this model is the Chevrolet Volt. The carriages are produced in the United States. As " Opel Ampera ", the car was presented in March 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Technology and performance

At full battery, the Ampera drives 40 km solely electrically to 80 km. The built engine with 54 kW generator unit starts automatically when the battery level below 26% (4.1 kWh) is dropped, then supplies the electrical driving current; this type of vehicle is therefore also called Extended Range Electric Vehicle ( EREV, electric vehicle with extended-range ).

The electric motor has the Opel Ampera a maximum power of 111 kW ( 150 hp) and a torque of 370 Nm, which is available in a wider speed range than with combustion engines. The maximum acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is done in 9 seconds that limited top speed is 161 km / h For comparison, the 1.8 -liter petrol engine with 103 kW ( 140 hp ) of the Opel Insignia has 175 Nm, which for maximum acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.4 seconds and a top speed of 207 km / h enough; the 2.8- liter engine with 190 kW ( 260 hp ) 350 Nm has an acceleration time of 6.9 seconds and a limited to 250 km / h; The Insignia is the unladen mass of not less than 1470 kg ( depending on equipment) while 262 kg lighter than the Ampera.

As an internal combustion engine, a "family -0 " engine of the Opel Ecotec series with 1.4 liter displacement and 63 kW is used.



Modes of operation

The vehicle is driven continuously by a planetary gear in a plurality of modes of operation, especially by electric motors. At a low state of charge of the battery, a generator is driven by the engine, which then further traction current is supplied (serial mode). At a high power requirement of the generator is then used as an electric motor for driving.

When requesting a high driving performance at low state of charge of the traction battery, the engine can be coupled directly to the drive train in a special mode of operation. This " parallel mode " increases the efficiency of the overall system because multiple energy conversions (internal combustion engine - electric generator and motor ) account.

Battery Technology

From 288 cells (3 parallel, 96 in series) is constructed as a traction battery lithium - ion battery with 16 kWh nominal capacity is used, consisting durability reasons, only a limited operating window ( usable capacity ) is operated. Contrary releases a capacity utilization of the traction battery between 30 and 80 percent of the rated capacity ( thus only about 8 kWh usable capacity ), there are messages on Internet forums who report up to 10.5 kWh effective Nutzungungsenergie as declared by the onboard computer of production vehicles.

A full charge by plug on 100 % does not take place to accommodate more cargo by recovering braking energy can and to save battery power. On longer trips, the engine is automatically switched drive generators for generating the driving current and obtaining the minimum charge level, so that the range without stopping to: - for 35 liter tank capacity - increased to more than 500 kilometers.

Opel / General Motors produced in contrast to ( other ) German vehicle manufacturers, battery for the Ampera itself and granted on the battery a worldwide warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km.


Consumption are the manufacturer according to standard ECE R101 at 1.2 l/100 km (only petrol consumption ) for the first 100 km, for all other 100 km without intermediate battery charge be 4.8 l/100 km and 5.0 l / 100 km angegeben.In practice came the Ampera in pure electric mode far 40 to 80 km. Several Ampera drivers talk about their everyday life that also reaches well above 80 km are purely electrical means. Opel specifies: " The Opel Ampera can now already up to 83 km electric power alone with the energy of its lithium -ion battery. "

Further technical data

  • Nominal power of the electric motor 111 kW at 5000 min-1
  • Torque of the electric motor 370 Nm at 250 min -1 to 2800 min -1
  • Rated power of the gasoline engine 63 kW at 4800 min-1
  • Maximum torque of the petrol engine 126 Nm at 4250 min-1
  • Curb weight 1732 kg including driver (1735 kg after manual 08 /2011)
  • Gross vehicle weight 2135 kg according to Opel - information
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 35.2 L
  • Total range over 500 km of
  • Top speed 161 km / h at curb weight plus 200 kg payload (75 kg rider )
  • Acceleration 0 - 100 km / h in less than 10 seconds
  • Efficiency class A
  • Front-wheel drive

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Towing a trailer

" The vehicle is neither designed for nor intended to tow a trailer or tow another vehicle ," it says in the manual 08/2011, pp. 144 [KTA - 2724_1 -en], under the heading " towbar ".

A Ampera at the IAA 2011 as a police emergency vehicle

A Ampera is permanently exhibited in the Frankfurt airport ( Terminal 1, Area B)

Introduction and Price

Due to a vehicle fire an identical Chevrolet Volt three weeks after a successful crash test in the United States, the safety concept of the traction battery has been revised by the end of 2011. The battery of the Chevrolet Volt was contrary to the recommendations of Chevrolet after the crash test is not completely discharged. For vehicles with liquid fuels an emptying of the tank is required after the crash test, if it was not carried out with an empty fuel tank. This is also delayed the start of the series identical Opel Ampera, the sale of which now began on 14 January 2012.

Until 31 July 2012, he was available from 43,900 euros. As of 1 August 2012 three trim models were offered: " Ampera " (from € 45,900 ), "Comfort Edition" (from € 47,500 ), " ePionier Edition" (from € 51,200 ). In the UK, the car is sold under the name Vauxhall Ampera as a right-hand drive version since the first quarter of 2012.

Because initially low demand the production of the Opel Ampera and the Chevrolet Volt was interrupted in March 2012 for five weeks of General Motors.

Since 9 September 2013, the Ampera will be offered at a significantly reduced price, so that the model from 38,300 Euros is available.