Opel Diplomat

The diplomat was the top model in the luxury class of the Adam Opel AG and was built between spring 1964 and summer 1977. It was based on the six-cylinder cars Captain and Admiral and offered an even higher standard.

The cars designated by the initials of Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat as Opel - " KAD " models were produced in the first series as KAD A February 1964 to November 1968.

In the July 1977 to March 1969, built by KAD B series, the model accounted for Opel captain in May, 1970, so that, strictly speaking, no longer was the case from then on, the term " KAD ".

The era of KAD models (and thus also the Diplomat ) ended in the summer of 1977. The first oil crisis in 1973/74 was about far less important than the low acceptance among potential customers for the demise of Opel luxury sedan. This preferred the more expensive luxury cars from Mercedes- Benz W 108/109 and W 116 ( 1972 ), which, however, the diplomat hardly inferior technically.

The series

With the Opel Diplomat brought 35 years after the Opel Regent from 1929 back a car with eight-cylinder engine on the German market.

From the Opel Diplomat A also a coupe version was available from February 1965 Image measure. The bodywork specialist Karmann built because of the low demand until July 1967 only 347 copies of the large two-door with 4.6 -liter engine and 140 kW/190 hp, the 5.4 -liter V8, there were 169 kW/230 hp and also with the.

Opel Diplomat B (1969-1977)