Opel Super 6

Opel Super 6 Cabriolet, built in 1937

The Opel Super 6 was in February 1937, along with their top of the range presented in the context of automobile and motorcycle exhibition in Berlin by the company Opel "Admiral" and built to November 1938 Due to the construction with a separate chassis, various special constructions were possible. Built the vehicle was, inter alia, as a convertible, sedan and roadster., the Super 6 Cabriolet " glasses " with a body of the glass body GmbH, Dresden was the luxurious gem of this series.

After almost two years 46 453 cars of the " Super 6 " were made ​​, followed with the same engine from the end of 1938, the Opel Kapitän with self-supporting body and a different front axle instead of the Opel " synchronized suspension ".


The car took over from the Opel 6 the torsion resistant box frame with a cross beam and the Opel " synchronized suspension " ( Dubonnet suspension ) on the front axle. Unlike the previous model, with a 2- liter engine, which had a non-synchromesh four-speed gearbox, could the higher-displacement Super 6 with be provided a three- speed transmission to downshift no " intermediate gas " needed because of the synchronized II and III. Ganges.

As the " Admiral " (with 3.6 liters displacement ) had the Super Six was the first Opel the newly designed 2.5 -liter six- cylinder engine with overhead valves and now stirnradgetriebener lateral camshaft, whose basic design is produced to 1966 (except in 1962, " Cadet " ) again found in all Opel models. A smaller version with only four cylinders and 1.5 liter engine replaced at the end of 1937 at the Opel Olympia the side-valve engine initially used in the Opel 1.3 liter. As of spring 1938, the 3.6 -liter engine was "Flash" installed in the truck.


An interesting detail was the windshield wiper drive via a mechanical coupling of the camshaft; a solution that was used in the record until 1957.

Particular attention was the " Super 6 " due to the comparatively low price of 3350 Reichsmarks (RM ). The four-seat convertible cost RM 4326. The top model "Admiral" was to have until 6500 RM.

Look under the hood of the Opel Super 6 Cabriolet (July 2008)

Opel Super 6 Roadster ( Kühn)

Opel Super 6 Cabriolet ( 1938) in the Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim