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The Open University ( officially The Open University ), founded in 1969, is the largest state university in the UK and Europe. The Open University offers courses, certificates, diploma and university degrees like the Bachelor, Bachelor (Honours ), Master and Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) in distance learning. In addition, the Faculty Open University Business School is considered one of the world's largest MBA providers and is thus one of the largest business schools in Europe. The Open University was founded in 1969, the Open University Business School founded in 1983.

Principle study

The study is based on the principle of Supported Distance Learning, a kind of distance learning, of him shall be accompanied by a tutor and extensive study material gets made ​​available. The OU offers about 70 different programs and 570 different courses. Particularly well known is the MBA program of the Open University Business School.

For most undergraduate degrees at the Open University are not recording conditions (eg, high school ) and also no language tests (eg TOEFL) (linguistic aptitude is, however, assumed ).

The Open University introduced in October 2006 study material from 170 departments for free use. The value of this study material is 5.6 million pounds.


The courses at the OU are basically modular, which means that several courses have to be stored, each of which is rewarded with a number of points. As a rule, 60 points will be assigned for basic studies in one year, which corresponds to a part -time study. Depending on your personal motivation can be taken in one year to 120 points, which in turn corresponds to a full-time study and is used only by a very small number of working students to complete. For obtaining the degree, such as the Bachelor of Arts, a minimum score is required. Studied exclusively in English. For example, take an MBA degree good 2 ½ years.


The Open University Business School has internationally recognized accreditation seal of approval from AACSB, EFMD ( EQUIS and CEL) and AMBA. Across Europe, only nine universities are at present (2006 ) recognized by these three prestigious accreditation organizations. The course ' Certificate in Accounting ' has been certified also by other subject-specific organizations (ACCA, CIMA, CPA, IFA, CIPFA and ICAEW ).


The campus of the OU in Milton Keynes, central England. While more than 200,000 students every year to study at the OU, but are actually only about 150 students on site in Milton Keynes. For example, you are working on a PhD or a research program. All other study via distance learning ( distance learning ), usually part-time, often in addition to a full-time job. About half of the students are financially supported by their employers during their studies.


The course is organized according to the principle of " blended learning ": Students are supervised by personal tutors. Traditional teaching materials such as textbooks alternate with Internet, multimedia and audiovisual teaching programs. These very good English skills are required, because at the OU English is only spoken.

In personal care, and to the contact with other fellow students, great value is placed. The students are in regular personal, telephone and email contact with their tutors and meet. Depending on the course local find tutorials about every eight weeks, usually on Saturdays. There are also workshops at home and abroad, strengthen personal contacts among fellow students, and alumni events to which former students also invite newcomers. So-called residential schools, mostly weekend seminars in the UK, find about three to four times during a full course of study instead. Attendance at tutorials is voluntary, the Residential Courses, however, mandatory.

The constant exchange and the establishment of a network among students also allows for the Internet Conferencing System: Students actively participate in a variety of discussion forums and exchange management experiences from the practice of. The dialogue takes place between fellow students internationally in over 40 countries place.

Partners and Sponsors

Various organizations and companies (currently 42 as of 2006) provide from its own staff or support the university in training their own tutors. Of this, perhaps best known in the German-speaking area are Airbus, DHL, German Telekom, IKEA, Nike, Nokia, Pfizer, and Rolls- Royce.


The Open University operates in over 25 areas with 500 research staff and 1,200 students active research. The cost per year to 20 million pounds. Notoriety reached the Planetary Sciences Research Institute through the Beagle 2 Mars project, which was led by Professor Colin Pillinger.

Famous people

Former and current professors:

  • Derek S. Pugh, Professor of International Management and Director of Research, Open University Business School, 1988-1995; Developer of the Pugh matrix
  • Stuart Hall, Professor of Sociology, Open University, 1979-1997; plural Marxist
  • Jocelyn Bell, Professor of Physics, Open University, 1991 -; Discoverer of the first pulsar ( neutron star )