Opencast Matterhorn

Opencast is an English term for open audio and video content, particularly in academia. It is a portmanteau word that combines the words " open " and "broadcast", where " Open" can refer to both Open Source and Open Access. Similar to webcast " Opencast " created as a counterpart to the terminology tends to be commercially occupied podcast.

The term is the one used in conjunction with the Opencast community, a global community of mainly academic institutions and persons concerned with the production, management and distribution of audio and video material. On the other is "open cast" for Opencast Matterhorn, a project to develop an open software for management of audio and video content, especially for the recording and distribution of courses.

Opencast Community

In the 2007 launched by the UC Berkeley community a few hundred academic institutions, individuals and companies share their experiences around the production, management and distribution of audiovisual content. This is done on the one hand, the homepage, on the other hand, various mailing lists and IRC channel.

Opencast Matterhorn

In the current since July 1st 2009 Project the experiences of various universities are merged with similar systems and development efforts are focused. Through the creation of a unified system with an open development model at the same time the availability and interchangeability of the content is to be pursued. 13 academic institutions from Europe and North America are involved in the project. It is sponsored by about one million U.S. dollars from the Hewlett Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Opencast Matterhorn is to create an easily usable chain of components for recording lectures as well as handling the processing and delivery of the content in order to automate the publication of educational content from capture to publication on the web. Also, other video content to be processed.

In the technical development of Matterhorn include developed at ETH Zurich REPLAY, the search technology yovisto and developed at the University of Osnabrück virtPresenter incorporated.