OpenLDAP is an implementation of LDAP, the Free Software released under the BSD license similar, OpenLDAP Public License is published. OpenLDAP is part of most current Linux distributions, and also runs on various Unix flavors, Mac OS X and various Windows versions.

Since OpenLDAP follows the LDAP standard, it is possible with OpenLDAP to build a central user data management and centrally located to wait.

Compared with other solutions

Since OpenLDAP is the reference implementation of the protocol, schema files are carefully checked for protocol conformance. This sometimes leads to error messages when poor schema files that other Directory Server Agent (DSA ) Manufacturers are accepted, be transferred to a OpenLDAP system.

By providing different backends and overlays to protocol extensions and extended operations (extended operations) are very easy to implement. The SQL backend directs the search results of a search RDBM to the DSA on, so that the ordering LDAP client receives a protocol -oriented data packet.

Included elements

The software package includes next to the server even more tools for configuration and necessary libraries. It consists mainly of the following components:

  • Backends - this the actual access to the data is realisert
  • Overlays - enable the behavior of the backends and thus the slapd to modify without changing these ( n ) itself
  • Syncrepl - synchronization and replication according to RFC 4533
  • Libraries providing the LDAP protocol
  • Tools, equipment and Examples

The following service is not delivered with because the replication is now running on the syncrepl.


The configuration files for OpenLDAP clients on Linux:

  • Ldap.conf - Basic Settings for Clients

On many Unix / Linux systems, there are two files called ldap.conf, usually in / etc / ldap.conf and / etc / openldap / ldap.conf. The file / etc / ldap.conf is used solely to configure pam_ldap. The system-wide client configuration is / etc / openldap / ldap.conf

  • ~ / LDAPRC -. user-specific configuration file for clients

See also the manual page ldap.conf ( 5)

The OpenLDAP server configuration files are:

  • Slapd.conf - configuration of the slapd daemon ( but this is an outdated method and is only used when configuration parameters are needed that are not from the configuration backend cn = config These are to be detected, for example, in the OpenLDAP version 2.3.34 all. SQL backends and some overlays.
  • The directory slapd.d / is used for online configuration. The slapd may contain the entire configuration stored as LDIF file so that no more slapd.conf is required. These files should not be edited! The configuration of openldap is then via the LDA protocol.