Openthinclient is a free thin client solution consisting of a thin client operating system ( openthinclient ® OS ), a comprehensive Java - based graphical management software ( openthinclient ® Manager) as well as a Java-based server component ( openthinclient ® Servers) there. It can be downloaded free from the internet and is licensed with the GNU General Public License ( GNU GPLv2 ). It is designed for environments where a medium to large number of Thin Clients must be managed efficiently.

The primary characteristics

Openthinclient has three main properties that distinguishes it from most other solutions:

  • The difference with the greatest importance is their centralized approach, which reduces the administrative tasks to a minimum. However, the thin client only needs a PXE - capable network adapter no local storage devices like flash memory or hard disk. All configuration data is stored in the LDAP database that is integrated into the openthinclient server, or held an Active Directory.
  • The openthinclient Manager and the openthinclient server are written in Java and thus runs on all systems on which [ Java Technology | Java Oracle ] is available.
  • The solution is available as open source software. There is no limit on the number of installations, duration or number of manageable thin clients.

Thin Client Operating System

The openthinclient thin client operating system based initially on a customized Ubuntu Linux distribution, which has been optimized for diskless devices. Over time, various drivers had to be back ported and distribution other applications and libraries are added, such as for the support of on the market since 2008, Intel Atom processors. In 2013 the decision was made to rebuild the openthinclient - OS as a completely new Linux distribution on current Debian Wheezy basis.

Regardless of the openthinclient - OS version, the basic functions remain the same: The boot process and configuration of the thin clients by means of industry-standard protocols such as LDAP, DHCP, PXE ​​, TFTP and NFS.

Management GUI

Openthinclient provides a rich, Java -based graphical user interface, which allows you to manage all aspects of thin clients. Moreover, it enables integration with enterprise environments such as LDAP or Microsoft ADS. openthinclient differs from other solutions in the following respects:

  • Use of protocols and technologies based on industry standards
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing system management solutions such as LDAP or Microsoft ADS
  • It provides a powerful management GUI that supports a large number of thin client hardware
  • It does not require specialized thin - client devices. The devices are - due to the PXE support - without flash drives or similar. booted into thin-client mode
  • Various typical thin-client applications such as web browser, ICA client, RDP client, and the like. exist as prefabricated packages.

Server component

The openthinclient server based on JBoss and J2EE and provides in so-called containers, all services available, which are needed for booting over the network. The openthinclient Server service runs under Java and therefore can be installed on any host operating system.


Sales and Support

The solution is available free for download on the project website. Free support via various mailing lists, FAQs or online documentation.

For companies that want to use the openthinclient software professional, the openthinclient GmbH offers maintenance and support contracts. Furthermore, can be ordered customized adaptations as a service in the openthinclient GmbH, and thin client hardware related in different trim levels.